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We all know the art of buying the right fitted clothes for us (the first thing we learn as girls). We all learn about fashion and trends about the latest dresses and designs that are in through ample number of magazines in the market, television and ofcourse internet. I am sure all women are keeping them updated about latest trends and same goes for colors. We all know what is the color of the season but ladies, stop right there. The color of the season doesn’t necessarily has to be our color. What I want to say is, the color of the season is typically decided by the color mostly used in the collections of various designers on the ramps and is chosen by the designers not only for you but for all women around the world. We must know our color. Every women is beautiful and different in herself. Generalizing all women is simply not possible. I like white, you might like black but black suits me and white suits you. The colors which may suit depends on your complexion, style and shape.

  1. If you are pale, you could look washed out in the wrong colors. Nicole Kidman has a pale complexion. If you search her images and check out her style you would know where she has gone wrong and where she has gone right. If you have a pale complexion then opt for pure whites or jewel toned hues, like green, purple, wine and blue..


  2. If you are fair skinned stay away from pastels. Kareena Kapoor an Indian Bollywood actress knows how to carry her fair skin. She always carry it right with colors that suit her. Whites and nudes could make you look washed out and sometimes black can also have the same effect. Instead, try fiery hues like hot pink, red, electric blue and bright green. Bright and vibrant colors are suggested for fair skinned women.

    Kareena kapoor


  3. If you are wheatish in complexion, stick to primary colors to complement your skin.  Malaika Araora Khan a famous item girl in Bollywood industry is an inspiration for many. She knows her style and her complexion. She has a sexy figure to suit and look sensuous in about everything. But she knows how to choose the right color for herself too. If you also have a wheatish complexion, then choose radiant shades in bright, warm hues. Dark colors are not the best choice because they could make your skin look shallow.

    Malaika Arora Khan


  4. If you are dark skinned, make pastels your best friend. Of course we all know Beyonce and we all adore her style. If you are also dark skinned then apart from pastels, whites, blue and earthy orange are the colors for you. The contrast gains your skin tone will help accentuate it. Other winners are yellow and emerald.



  5. If you are Dusky, pink wins as the most preferred color. Priyanka Chopra one of the top Bollywood actress has a dusky complexion and knows how to look stunning and sexy. Warm tonned people are also suited to ivory and earth tones that are orange hued, like brown, orange, and yellow. Finally, you can’t go wrong with fail-safe black.

    Priyanka Chopra



Hope you know your color now. Stay stylish and sexy!!

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