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Your Own Book of Ideas for Adding New Colours to Closet!

A fresh new year is all about fun, style and doing a few new things. If you love fashion, there is nothing like making your own style statement. One thing that remains constant for every season, no matter which side the trends seem to go is the game of colours and textures. For the New Year 2015, we take up a new series, where we will talk and focus on how you can have more colours in the closet and make each look stand out from the rest using different shades and colours.

Go with a bright outerwear

Go with a bright outerwear: Remember we have talked of the trench coats as one of the most emerging trends for Pre-Fall 2015? Well, you can make the most of the same with a bright shade. Go for an ‘all black’ look with black leggings and black top and you can layer the same with a nice and bright outerwear. While this is something that works for the colder seasons, you don’t really need to wait for the winters but try using light fabric made outerwear in a colour shade of your choice for a quick update.

Go high with funky sunglasses

Go high with funky sunglasses: Cat eye sunglasses are the next big thing on the accessories trends, and the new style has managed to grab eyeballs from all designers. When you don’t want to invest in new colours all the time, the best and obvious choice is to go for accessories. A pair of funky cat eye sunglasses with a nice colour on the rim can be your own way of showing the colour pop for the new season. As for the pairing, you don’t really bother about what you wear as long as you have glares that can make statement with colour and style.

Add a bright handbag

Add a bright handbag: The shoulder bag is always a summer and winter essential, and the bigger versions like the tote bag is essentially very cool and useful at the same time. Look for a colour that can be signature to your entire attire. Anything from yellow, lime green and red to orange and more, any colour that fits your bill should just work right. Again, matching is not the key here, because such items are statement pieces in themselves, and using a bright coloured bag makes it easy to make a vogue announcement even at the workplace, where you have limited colour choices for clothing.

Opt for the one coloured look

Opt for the one coloured look: Everything in red- Does that look daring? Well, certainly not for 2015! The all new look is about wearing one colour from head to toe. So, you can certain wear the stylish red dress for the prom and wear an overcoat in the same or near shade with ease. Match and complete the look with a nice red bracelet or a statement neckpiece as it fits the needs of the dress.

If you are not keen on extreme bright shades, you can still play with colours by adding different other shades, like the pastel or neutral palette. Happy styling!

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