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Your Guide To Wearing Ripped Denims In Spring 2015- Part 1

Denims trends have only evolved in the last couple of seasons, and one trend that has remained in the fashion circles for the longest time is the rugged style. The ripped denim works in two ways for all fashionistas. Firstly, it allows you to pick from the rug style you want – So, you can show off your thighs completely or do with a few slits. Secondly, this can be a perfect DIY project to pick. In this series, we take a close look at the rugged denim with a few ideas on how you can make the most of this trend.

Go with pumps

Go with pumps: High heeled pumps always have this feminine element that’s easy to spot. If you love easy and simple styling with denims, adding a pair of pointy pumps can only help the style better. From nude shade to something shimmery, the choices can depend on your style experiments as you like it. Simple colours often work for the casual days, while the bright tones can be for the night!

Add a pop shade

Add a pop shade: Pop up colours are always favourites for the rugged and ripped denim because such colours create quite a dramatic appeal that can work for most casual days. Complete your look with a neon coloured tee or even a bright coloured winter cardigan- the look is equally exciting.

A button down shirt

A button down shirt: Button down shirts can never go wrong with any kind of denim style, and the rugged style is no exception. You can let the summer shirt loose with a nice white shirt that’s crispy and fun. Make sure to avoid too many accessories and keep it cool, just like you want in the summers.

With leopard prints

With leopard prints: Two edgy styles can make for a great combination, and when you add leopard prints shirts, tees, or cardigans with a well cut rugged denim, you create an instant statement. All you need is a busy hairdo, and you can push the envelope without even trying hard.

Add the gingham

Add the gingham: Two spring 2015 trends blended into one! The gingham and plaid style has been high on most fashion squares, and with a pair of denims that is in line with what we are talking about, the mix is for all to see. Start with colours you like, and there tucked style will look totally summer like.

A long coat

A long coat: A manlike coat with a rugged pair of denims is like shifting in the tomboyish zone with ease. The style requires you to go loose with your coat, making it a little boho and cool. Just minimize the makeup and accessories and most girls will be envious of your attitude.

A pair of ankle boots

A pair of ankle boots: Ankle boots make for a perfect combination with the regular ripped denim, and you can create a very simple look that doesn’t use too many elements. Add a hat if you please, or else, a simple hairdo and a crisp white shirt should be more than enough.

Check here for more rugged denim style ideas in the next part!

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