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Your Guide to Wearing Midi Skirt with Ease!

Most girls have a liking for the maxi and miniskirts, mainly because these are very easy to style and can be worn for most places. The midi skirt, on the other hand, can be a complicated item. Firstly, it doesn’t accentuate your legs, and secondly, you need to be well assured that the skirt is styled well. We recent did a series on the short shorts, which happen to be another item that needs care and attention for the right look, and this time, we have a few hacks for your midi skirt with ways to make it more eye-catching.

With the stunning turtleneck

With the stunning turtleneck: We had mentioned that the turtleneck is not essentially meant for the winters alone, and for all seasons, it pairs well with the midi skirt. For any pencil skirt below the knee, the turtleneck can be very appealing and can work for formal look, as well. If you are on the plus side, always opt for black, which is like a sure shot winner by all means.

With faux fur jacket

With faux fur jacket: The midi skirt may not be the item for attention for a given look. To make it look simple and shift the attention, you can choose to add a nice fur trim jacket. Since we always promote going against leather and fur, you can go for faux fur design, which is equally good to the eyes.

With a sweatshirt

With a sweatshirt: For the winters, the midi skirt can work well with a sweatshirt. Don’t wear the sweatshirts with pencil designs- instead you can opt for flared design, adding a feminine element to the entire look. Sweatshirts with flared skirts can look wondrous when you leave your hair straight and makeup to the minimal.

With high pumps

With high pumps: Since midi skirts don’t really add any length to the legs, the next best choice is go for high pumps that are paired well with pencil skirts. You can choose a matching colour or go for nude or blush shades that worth with most colours. Complete the look with a nice and matched overcoat for a quick appeal.

With a check shirt

With a check shirt: The button down check shirt is like first love with midi skirt and works effectively for the workplace. You can complete the look with formal outerwear. The check skirt can be of any sober shade, and you can check the plaid designs that are latest on the block.

With tall boots

With tall boots: Tall boots look good with any midi skirt, because the focus goes away from the length and shirts on the entire look. You can complete the look with a nice moto style jacket, which can be perfect with the winters in mind. Alternatively, you can also add a pair of tights under the boots for some added warmth.

If you are shopping midi skirts, look for variety with different levels of flares. The pencil design works well for formal looks, but you can also style it for the offbeat days. Not to forget, a floral midi is must have in the closet of any women.

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