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A Quick Review of Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends

Since last many posts, we have been covering spring 2016 Trends. But for the fall this season, many new trends were embraced at various fashion shows. Here is a quick review if you missed on anything so that you know what to wear for fall now itself. So, are you ready for a short digital tour?

The Floor-Length Coat

The Floor-Length Coat: The statement coats from last season have legs for this season, literally. Fashion shows saw hemlines of the most amazing outerwear sweep the floor. Extra long coats received a great response at all fashion shows. However, make sure you have an amazing height to flaunt these. And if not, heels are a must. If you do not have a great height and cannot manage heels either, quit the idea of wearing these.

Influential Interiors

Influential Interiors:  Various designers from across the world used designs found in the interior of a house for the fall 2015. Motifs and fabrics were largely influenced by the interiors of a living room. Sounds quite warm, isn’t it?

The Revival of Victorian fashion

The Revival of Victorian fashion: Be it the oh-so-elegant black lace or a high neck collar, the fall runways saw many Victorian moods. Designers revived the energy of the Victorian period in a modern environment, and Givenchy collection became a staple trend on the Californian streets. Also seen were slit dresses and floor-length lace looks on various red carpets.

The Fur Effect

The Fur Effect: The severely criticized fur that spread on the street style blogging platforms this winter got chopped for the fall, and pieces of fox, Mongolian lamb fur and mink were made onto everything starting from double-breast coats to evening party dresses.

The Quintessential White Blouse

The Quintessential White Blouse: White and black are the two colours that always look so elegant. From high Victorian style collars to bow tie blouses, from sheer thrills to ruffled sleeves, the classic white was a huge hit in the fall runway.

Feminine Slip Dresses

Feminine Slip Dresses: The favourite from the evergreen nineties was recreated in a plethora of new ways this fall. Some slips were remade in contrasting colours. Some dresses were given double slits. Other popular slip dresses include lace-trimmed ones.

The Classy Pantsuits

The Classy Pantsuits: Tailored suits never go out of style. And this fall, for women, was inspired by menswear. There is no doubt about the fact that a woman in a suit looks extremely sassy.

All Velvety

All Velvety: The softest and cosiest of all textiles was given a special makeover for fall, in loose trousers or high capes, jumpsuits to coats, and nearly every outfit saw velvet on it.

The Influence from the East

The Influence from the East: From crimson laces to dragon designs, there was a lot of Chinese influence on the runaway this year.

All Glittery and Shiny

All Glittery and Shiny: Shine was given a lot of importance this season, on almost all fabrics and outfits. Style got a new meaning with shimmering and glittery clothes.

So, if you have missed anything and got an idea on what to buy to make a style statement, go on a shopping spree right now.  Happy Shopping!

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