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You Can Look Good Even in Black, White and Gray

When you go shopping, do you automatically gravitate towards the shelves stocked with colourful clothes? If your answer is in the affirmative, it means that you have failed to comprehend the beauty of colourless clothing, that is, simple black and white. Remember, they come in varied shades; intelligent mixes and matches may offer dazzling results. You look sceptical, as if you cannot believe that this is truly possible. Well, let us show you how to look elegant and stylish even in the absence of real colours.

Black White and Gray

Look at these images closely. At first glance, would you not say that the girl in the first picture is quite striking? No, we are not referring to her looks; we are talking about her outfit. She has donned a black skater skirt and a full-sleeved white top. A matching black, felt hat is perched on her head. Flat sandals and a hip-length handbag are her other accessories. This is a great outfit for the spring and summer months. Of course, you may vary the type of skirt and shirt, fabrics and designs; suffice to say that white and black contrast each other marvellously. Are you convinced that in simplicity lies the greatest beauty?

In contrast to the first, the person in the second photograph has gone all out to make a fashion statement. Her skin-tight pants are a beautiful bluish-gray or greyish-blue. She has teamed it with a plaid shirt. The buttons of the black-and-white shirt are visible under the jacket. The jacket is made of black leather. To offset the apparent starkness of the whole ensemble, she has draped a long, chevron blanket scarf over it. This method is known as layering; it is effective for providing colour. Onlookers are bound to envy the cool looks of both, the person and her attire! After all, accessories like a trendy handbag, a pair of sunglasses and chic-looking high heels only add to the polished and urbane appearance of the person sitting on the parapet!

Most people avoid greyish hues because they seem rather depressing. However, the person in the third picture is determined to show you that even gray can look beautiful. She has exhibited a preference for an all-black outfit, as evinced by the skin-tight pants and top. There is a patch of white in between, but what really stands out is the stylishly designed coat. At first glance, it seems like an all-white affair. However, a closer inspection should reveal that the coat is chalky-gray in colour, albeit in a very light tone. Even the shoes with closed toes are a combination of black and gray. Obviously, shades of gray can be used to accent white and black combinations. Whenever she dons this kind of winter clothing, it will not match the haziness of the weather. Rather, it will serve to brighten the atmosphere.

You can always add glorious accessories to your all-black, all-white, black-and-white, and black-white-gray outfits if you still hanker for some colour. However, you will look smart even without them!

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