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Worst Dressed Celebs at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts 2015

There is always a possibility that celeb red carpet looks will be snubbed, but if you are someone who looks ahead to the looks at various events, we have some warnings coming from BAFTAs that happened last weekend. Check these worst dressed celebs at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Mica Levi in ‘whatever’

Mica Levi in ‘whatever’: No one even bothered to check the designer or brand behind Mica Levi’s hideous look at the BAFTAs this year! While she has never been the fashion icon that others looked up to, but that PVC jacket and shoes were like disasters by all means. Adding to the entire look, her hair and overall makeup didn’t work either, because no one could get over what she wore. Undoubtedly, the worst dressed this year!

Nimrat Kaur in Georges Hobeika

Nimrat Kaur in Georges Hobeika: The Homeland star was at the BAFTAs for her Indian movie that got one nomination, but the Georges Hobeika gown she was wearing wasn’t really happening. Firstly, the colour was more like what you would a 10-year old to wear, and secondly, the embellishment somehow didn’t work on her.  She didn’t do much with her hair either, creating quite a messy look to say the least.

Nadia Forde in Catherine Walker

Nadia Forde in Catherine Walker: We don’t know from where Nadia Forde picked this satin gown that was like the biggest disaster on the red carpet. Keeping the London winter in mind, the slit was rather too high, and the dress itself was looking too cheap to say the least. To be precise, nothing about this look is inspiring, although we love the way she did the hair. We hope next time she pays more attention to the fit of the dress before walking a special event.

Romola Garai in Unknown

Romola Garai in Unknown: Actress Romola Garai walked the red carpet in an ensemble that seemed to be reminiscent of the pastel palette of 2014. While there is nothing wrong with the shades, but the gown just didn’t work for the red carpet at all. The size of the outfit was bigger than what she needed, and the shoes clashed with the look in a way one wouldn’t expect. Certainly, this could have been better!

Sara MacDonald in Unknown

Sara MacDonald in Unknown: Another dress that we don’t know where it came from, but the outfit certainly didn’t flatter Sara MacDonald, who looked larger than her size. We hoped better with choices, because this dress is too plain Jane for the red carpet to be precise. In fact, you need a better body to carry this one off!

We will also like to mention here about Hayley Atwell, who had a minor malfunction at the red carpet as her gown ripped at the seam, just on the side of the bust. The gown itself wasn’t too forgiving either, as it didn’t seem to flatter her in any way. Neck up, she looked all perfect with a very nice done hairdo and great makeup. Which one do you hate the most? Find your own take in the list!

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