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With a Little Imagination, You Can Look Stylish Too

Do your eyes turn green with envy when you see some women managing to carry off even the most casual of clothes with perfect élan? You often wonder how they succeed in making it to the top of the fashion news all the time . Well, maybe they are born with an active imagination. On the other hand, it is possible that they are adept at using all kinds of tricks to project themselves as trendsetters in an ever-changing world.

Some Styles Never Go Out of Fashion

Some Styles Never Go Out of Fashion: Every fashion blog will tell you that spring and summer are the ideal seasons to move around in short dresses or frocks, leaving the legs bare. It does not matter if these garments are sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved; they all look great! Of course, flowery prints, polka dots and the like are favourites for casual outings. Nonetheless, your attire can manage to appear wonderfully cool and sophisticated merely by adding a few accessories. A leather belt hugging your middle conveys the impression of a slim waist. Similarly, your dress is divided in half, to represent a skirt and top. A lovely handbag with short straps and ankle length boots complete the classy picture. Stride ahead with confidence!

Have the Courage to be Different

Have the Courage to be Different: Surprisingly, even a monochrome pattern of dressing can look marvellously elegant. Of course, it helps to have a tall and slender frame. You must have witnessed several celebrities sporting all-black outfits and receiving flattering comments about their gorgeous looks. Victoria Beckham seems to favour bright red over the more sober black. She is tremendously eye-catching, right from the top of her head all the way to the soles of her neatly shod feet! If you select contemporary clothing in shades of pink, white, blue, etc., ensure that they have clean lines, which hug your figure lovingly. Add whatever accessories you want; they should complement your clothing. You will stand out as a mini-celebrity yourself.

Do Not Go Overboard with the Exposure Mentality

Do Not Go Overboard with the Exposure Mentality: True, this is the age of the ‘dare all, bare all,’ but exposing too much of skin can never be deemed as stylish or sophisticated. Instead of focusing on cleavage and thighs, it might be better to leave the midriff bare. Striped skirts with cropped tops or summery skirts with halter neck tops are ideal for this kind of subtle exhibition. The skirts should stretch below the knees. After all, there should be a harmonious balance between the exposed and the covered areas. Bracelets, danglers, high heels, purses, etc. are useful accessories that serve to highlight the tasteful manner of dressing.

Enhance the Overall Appeal of Your Attire with the Right Footwear

Enhance the Overall Appeal of Your Attire with the Right Footwear: Did it ever cross your mind that stunning footwear could enhance the overall appeal of your clothing, regardless of whether you are going to work or to a formal function? Well, when a celebrity like Jessica Alba says it is possible, we must believe her! Skin-tight pants of any colour, sporting a hemline that permits stilettos to be shown off to perfection, must be the trendiest way of showing off a stylish personality.

Thus, some women succeed in making a fashion statement wherever they go, regardless of season or occasion. Take your inspiration from them, but create your own unique identity.

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