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Why heels are a girl’s favourite?

Have you ever wondered why all girls love wearing heels? The answer lies in the way heels are designed. Heels are designed to add the oomph factor to your entire appearance. If you take a look in the past, you will find women had an obsession with heels for a long time. Women love collecting different style of heels for different types of occasions.

Wearing heels

The best aspect of wearing heels is the compatibility with all kinds of dresses. Whether you are dressing for work or for your night out party, you can wear heels for almost every kind of occasion. Wearing heels is a matter of comfort, as well. Don’t wear heels that make you feel uncomfortable as you won’t be able to balance them while walking. Heels put immense pressure on your toes, and hence, always look forward to buy heels from reliable and reputed designers and brands.

Types of heels to wear


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Stilettos: Have you ever seen how Eva Longoria looks in high heels? She looks worth a million dollars every time she wears heels. These heels are highest of all as they can measure up to seven inches. You may have a tough time walking in stilettos as there’s limited surface area to balance your feet. Try to look for branded stilettos, if you are not willing to trip off. A designer pair of high heels will offer adequate support to the feet with padded insoles.

Kitten heels

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Kitten heels: These heels are small on height and offer excellent comfort. No matter what your age may be, you can wear mid heels without much discomfort. The heels are designed in a variety of ways and are apt for those who can’t wear stilettos. Seen in Kitten heels are known faces like Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama.


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Wedges: If you think you cannot balance pencil heels, wedges are just apt for you. Wedges are thick heels that get support from a large surface area. You will find heavy soles with wedges that are designed to life your height. You will not face too many ankle issues wearing wedges, which makes them popular choices among flat footed women.

Peep Toes and sandals

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Peep Toes and sandals: These shoes are designed to offer you comfort with elegance. You can best describe peep toes as pump shoes with heels. The comfort of the entire feet is not compromised, and you can wear a variety of colours depending on your look. Red, blue, cobalt, black, yellow, lemon and many other colours can be stocked in the wardrobe. Celebs such as Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Kourtney Kardashian and Fergie have been spotted with peep toes.


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Boots: Boots with heels is a rage among winter fashion experts. You can style yourself in casual and formal manner with high heels in boots. There are knee and ankle length boots from a variety of designers that you can buy for your closet. Boots with heels offer you the necessary height and glamour quotient without compromising on your comfort and essentials.

Heels are your perfect shoes for every destination, provided you know the right way to carry it off. Wear it with a block coloured mini dress or team heels with your ethnic wear; you will find head turning at you at every occasion. Get set with shopping for new heels for your wardrobe today!

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