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When Fashion Comes at the Cost of your Health

We go overboard when it comes to keeping up with the latest fashion trends. From spending hours online reading about new trends to scanning your colleagues outfit in and out!  Worst of all, we unknowingly even damage our health by wearing fashion items that secretly play dirty games with our body system. If you don’t know what we are talking about, read on about the items you should avoid wearing to safeguard yourself. And worry not; we have enough alternatives to keep you from worrying about your style statement.

Avoid Stilettos:

Avoid Stilettos

Although this must not be news to you, we are sure your style quotient has overlooked the impact high heels have on your body, but it’s time to face the truth. High heels affect not only your ankles but also your feet, calves, knees, hips and the back. With time, they can even turn into a lifetime menace. It is the time you divorce your stilettos right away and start a healthy relationship with your feet with the alternatives below.

Alternative to Stilettos:

Alternative to Stilettos

Wedges or platforms are the nearest alternatives to stilettos. While they give you height, they don’t come with any cons either. Or better still, if you do realize that comfort comes before fashion, wear flats.

Avoid Jeggings:

Avoid Jeggings

Jeggings might make your legs look in shape but are also a sure recipe for yeast infection. They hamper the blood circulation in your legs and also lead to infections around your genital. The flow of air is totally blocked. However, if you wear them for only a very short period of time for not more than an hour, your legs would be fine.

Alternative to Jeggings:

Alternative to Jeggings

Instead of jeggings, start wearing loose and baggy pants. These are not only in trend but impose no hazards on your legs and make you feel comfortable. Although you might have to a little choosy about your upper attire with these flared pants, do not forget that nothing is more important than your health and comfort.

Avoid oversized bags:

Avoid oversized bags

First of all, ask yourself if you really require everything that you carry in your big, bulky bag.  No, you do not. They cause problems to your arms, hands, and the back.

Alternative oversized bags:

Alternative oversized bags

A cross body bag will not cause too much of pressure over just one shoulder but equal amounts on both. Make sure you are carrying only what you need. Why harass yourself needlessly?

Avoid oversized earrings

Avoid oversized earrings

Large earrings make your outfit even more glam until they get caught on a scarf or a shirt and tear the earlobe. There have been many cases of severe earlobe damage due to earrings. Avoid big earrings unless you are extra cautious.

Alternative to oversized earrings

Alternative to oversized earrings

Let your neck do the talking on behalf on your ears. Let the earrings be small and light and the neck piece big and heavy.

Fashion comes and goes; health needs to be constantly caressed. Don’t neglect your inner health for your outer appearance. Health is wealth; wealth is new additions to the wardrobe! So make the smart choice.

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