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What to and not to wear at an airport?

Travelling and running around at airports is not easy. While we all have done a lot of travelling, there are always few outfits that are big ‘no-noes’ at the airport or for the flight. You cannot run around in lace up sandals, plunge necklines or strappy short summer dresses. If you want to know what you shouldn’t wear at the airport and some comfortable outfit ideas, then keep on reading: –

What not to wear?

Short skirts with metallic jewellery

Short skirts with metallic jewellery – Short skirts, in general, can be a little uncomfortable to sit around at the airport. It is always safe to go with jeggings or leggings as they are the comfortable choice, and if you have connecting long flights, you might not be extremely comfortable in short skirts. Besides this, metallic jewellery can be a big issue at airports as they will ask you to remove all the pieces for security check. Who wants to go through so much trouble?

Bobby pins

Bobby pins – Yes, this small accessory in your attire can cause trouble for you at the airport. Sometimes too many bobby pins can set off the metal detector, and you could be taken for a check by the security. It is better to stick to just one or two bobby pins or go for a simple hair tie. Other than this, avoid wearing too many safety pins in your outfit too. This can trigger the metal detectors, and you might have to go through a tedious time at the airport.

Cargo pants or shorts
Cargo pants or shorts
– Anything with too many pockets can give the security a tough time to check. All the pockets become a hassle to check and sometimes the zips on the pockets can set off the alarm which will cause a disaster at the airport for you. Sometimes, you can spend hours waiting and possibly missing your flight because of a small glitch. So, don’t make this error and skip on pants with more than two pockets.

What to wear?

Go simple and chic Go simple and chic – Yes, being simple is the best at airports and when you are travelling. Just put on a pair of your most comfy track pants along with a sleeveless cross back tee, and you are good to go. You can also pair the track or joggers in different ways by wearing a fitted bodysuit with it.

Comfortable for life Comfortable for life – Love wearing leggings and jeggings? Well, you must wear it to the airport as they are the most comfortable clothes ever created. You can wear it with any t-shirt, sneakers, shoes, tunics, crop top, jackets, etc. It is extremely easy to wear leggings or jeggings! You don’t have to think at all.

Jeans of courseJeans, of course! – How can we not mention the most common airport outfit? Jeans and a plain t-shirt with sneakers is the safest choice. It is quick, comfortable and simple yet chic.

Be wise when you dress up for the airport and avoid outfits that might get you into trouble.

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