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Wearing The Polka Dot – How To Get It Right!

A lot of ladies are apprehensive about wearing polka dots. After all, there’s a big chance that you will end up looking like Minnie Mouse! As always, we want to make trends more wearable for our readers, and this time, we are focused on reviving polka dots for your closet. We bring a list of ideas that are safe and can be tried seamlessly, regardless of your personal style and preferences. Let’s get started.

Pick a polka shirtPick a polka shirt: If you are unsure of other options mentioned in this post, you can safely invest in a polka-dots inspired shirt or blouse. Match the shirt with a pair of denims or shorts for that ultimate summer look, and for the fall, you can wear it underneath the trench coat. As for the colour, a black shirt with white polka dots or vice versa is one of the simplest and most fashion-effective picks.


Go for a scarf

Go for a scarf: When you are too conservative about your fashion choices, a scarf is the best accessory for experimentation. Scarves are cheap and can be found in a number of prints and colours. Polka dot scarves look lovely with a nice solid coloured shirt or dress, depending on the occasion. If you like to wear your scarves on your handbag or around your wrist like the modern diva, you can try that, as well. In short, you can never go wrong with this fashion pick!

With red

With red: If you have a polka dot dress, shirt or a blouse in white, you can team it with anything in red, right from a trench coat to something like a simple pencil skirt. White and red make for a perfect combo, and red itself tends to garner attention, so if the shirt is a basic one, it will still work wonders for the entire look. You can even wear a polka-dot top with a nice pair of maroon or red chinos.

Select a pretty dress

Select a pretty dress: Polka-dot dresses are always in vogue, but you need to find the right ways of styling the one you have. If the dress is in a bright colour, you can wear a pair of solid coloured wedges or heels, while for the more sober shades, you can try a few statement accessories. Polka-dot dresses, especially the ones that come with bigger dots, can be overwhelming at times, and therefore, a little bit of unfussiness can do wonders too.

Underneath the layers

Underneath the layers: Just in case a dress or even a blouse is too much for your minimalistic style, you can wear these items underneath your fall outer coats. Wear the polka dress with a nice solid colour shrug for the summer, while for the winters; you can add a simplistic blazer in a stunning colour, which will divide the attention of the onlookers.  It’s all about keeping things under cover as you try a trend that’s not your favourite genre.

Hope you liked this post, and for more on fashion, keep coming back for more. We have planned a few more fashion and styling ideas for your help!

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