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Wearing All White For Work, Isn’t It Cool?

In these hot summers with sun rays hitting us with its blazing rays, let’s bring out an essence of coolness and simplicity with all in whites. After all white stands for purity, calmness and serenity and we the women of this world shall stand tall with these traits imbibed within us. Let’s adorn ourselves with white to show an austerity of love and beauty. Though this color can appear chic all the year, yet gives different exotic feel in summers.   Let us see these so cute whites that can also make you charming.

Paired Wide Leg Pants:

These are basic and beautiful paired wide leg pants with the basic T shirts and on the top white blazer. You can get a completely ordained corporate look like models.  These pants would keep you cool all through your working day, and you can sure drench the jacket for your easy evaluations.

White shift dress:

These tops are perfect fit for summers with complete touring or lounging in the park. You can also make yourself comfortable with these pair of white sneakers and compliment the same with colorful sunglasses to that great looks .


Short Skirt and Top:

If you are wondered to wear your summary whites on chilly nights, you can quip yourself in with the short skirt or top with just little of skin to look sexy yet with grace.  But if you would like to add some color into your dress sense then you can give your good look too with blue poppy shoes or red hot.  You can also put a camel or creamy crunchy trench to fall on your shoulders and get a great neutralize look to keep yourself warm.



A sleeveless trench:

You can also have a trench coat with spring essential to update your look. You can wear it sleeveless and can also update your looks instantly.  You can also layer this coat with yet another  during early spring and double it up as chic dress as you temperature is getting much warmer.




The best of all wear during spring is Culottes at the best.  These are wide in form leg pant cum skirt that does not look easy for everyone but can be styled in a right form.  The dress can give a  formal look  and not naturally appealing for everyone but if styled in a right form can suits everyone.  You can very well pair the pant with a crop jacket and heels which can make best dress.


White has a special place in the catwalks or for celebrities on the red carpet and wear white like a barbecue to get all the eyes in your office too to set on you. Naturally you do not want to look like a model but sure to appeal you as a sign of your maturity and seriousness in your personality, thoughts and words. These whites can sure make a perfect summer fit with fine silhouettes to get you looks you want and express yourself.



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