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How to Wear Off-Shoulder Tops and Dresses like A Diva!

Keeping the sudden hype around cold-shoulder outfits aside, off-shoulders are spring classics. From dresses and tops to tunics and more, this is one trend that refuses to move aside. Off-shoulder tops and dresses are edgy to say the least, and there are some incredible choices, even in most regular and ordinary brands. However, when it comes to pulling off the trend, many pretty ladies lack the right ideas. In this post, we will talk about 8 styling tips for wearing off-shoulder outfits like a pro.

Match with skinny denims

Match with skinny denims. Most off-shoulder tops look love with a fitting pair of denims. Go for the classic white on blue match, or you can even choose to wear something in denim to pull off the ‘denim on denim’ trend – The choice is yours.

Get the right bra

Get the right bra. Now this might be one of the cliché things that people often say, but you need the right bra if you wish to wear the perfect outfit like a pro. Stick-on bras are a good choice if the dress has a classy back, or else, you can go for nude tube bras, which work at all times, regardless of the outfit colour.

Stripes are good

Stripes are good. When it comes to off-shoulder tops, you can play it safe with a nice striped tee. The style looks lovely when matched with a classic solid colour in pants. You can go for the vice versa option, as well, which is more about matching a striped pant with a solid off-shoulder tee.

Add a nice A-line skirt

Add a nice A-line skirt. If you have an off-shoulder top in a solid colour, you can play the game of block shades. Just add a contrasting A-line skirt, probably reaching your knee, and you are just ready for the perfect date.

Match it with strappy heels. To be honest, off-shoulder outfits are sexy and feminine, and therefore, you would want to heat up things further. Instead of the classic sneakers, go for a pair of strappy heels, which can look good with denims and skirts.

Add a statement neckpiece

Add a statement neckpiece. With off-shoulder dresses, the entire attention is on your collar bone, so you might want to dress that part better. A nice statement neckpiece is a good choice, especially if you are not fond of handcuffs and earrings. You can also add a pendant neckpiece in the boho style.

Add a nice belt. If you are wearing a dress, you might want to add a belt, just to add more drama to the entire look. Look for those corset inspired belts that kind of work like a part of the outfit. Belts are also ideal if you have a curvy shape.

Go the crop way

Go the crop way. As they say, when you have it, flaunt it! If you want to show off a tad more, you can add a cropped off-shoulder top with a nice pair of denims. This can be the ultimate look for a casual date or even for a college party.

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