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How to Wear Flared Denims Like A Pro? Your Quick Guide Is Here!

Like everyone else, you are probably well versed with the changing fashion trends. However, there’s a reason why certain trends are called classics, and one of them is the flared denim. A pair of wide-legged denims, otherwise also known as bell-bottom jeans, is one of the must-haves in any closet. In this special post, we have enlisted a few styling tips for flared denims and how you can wear a pair like a fashion guru!

With a cropped top

With a cropped top: Flared denims look lovely with a nice crop top. This is one of those easy casual looks that you can pull off on a summer day. For the fall, the same look can be repeated again, but this time, you can add a fall blazer, which will create a more layered and season-appropriate look. For the accessories, you can keep it simple with a statement handcuff and a nice handheld bag!

With a regular tee

With a regular tee: If you are not a big fan of crop tops, the next best choice is a regular tee. This can be your go-to look for the days when you don’t want to put in a lot of effort. Complete the look with a classic sling bag with chain straps and a pair of high wedges. Even a pair of sneakers should be enough, especially when you have a long day out in the sun and need to keep up the comfort level.

With an oversized tee-sweater

With an oversized tee/sweater: Don’t like the regular tees? An oversized tee or a simple sweater is enough to style your flared denims. Go for a dark-coloured pair of jeans and combine it with a tee for that ultimate laidback look. For the fall, you can replace the tee with a sweater. Add a few batches or pins here and there for a more bohemian appearance.

With a leather jacket

With a leather jacket: This is one of those classic styling ideas, where the flared classic styling ideas, where the flared denims is paired with a regular biker jacket. You can go for the regular black or tan coloured jacket, which can work wonders for the fall season in particular with almost any denim colour. For the summer, replace the regular jacket with a more easy summer shrug teamed with a solid coloured tee.

With a denim shirt

With a denim shirt: The denim-on-denim look can be hard to pull off, but with a little check on the choice of colours, you can nail the final getup. Denim shirts can be found in all sorts of colours, so you can pick one that complements the jeans you have. It doesn’t have to match completely, as a little bit of contrast can do wonders, especially for summer and spring.

Finally, you can also team your flared denims with a fine trench coat or even a boyfriend coat for the winters. Flared denims look better when the fit is right, so do check your current size before you buy one. Don’t pick a pair that’s too tight for your upper legs, because the whole point is to have credible comfort throughout the day.

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