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Vintage Trends to try from your Grandma’s Closet!

Sporting vintage wear has never been as popular as it is this contemporary age. With nearly a decade of styles to opt from, there is an ancient look for each of us. For an economical buy, you can either visit your nearest thrift shop or simply discover all you need in your granny’s closet. With this, you can create perfect ensembles of contemporary and retro clothing that will leave all fashionistas ecstatic. But to achieve the perfect vintage style, you need to deal with both vintage and modern in equal proportions. The charm of vintage is very special, but too much of it only spoil your look, until, of course, you are participating in a retro fancy dress competition!

So, all you girls who love pampering yourselves, it’s time to go through those old family albums and notice your grandmother’s fashion style. The fashion which you thought was conservative and less youthful is now the latest trend. Here are six vintage trends you need to try out this season.

Tweed Jacket

Start your own trend with a Tweed Jacket: Over the years, this layering piece has become a modern wear from originally being made as a part of a conservative and vintage suit set. A tweed jacket gives a fantastic look when paired with casual wears such as jean shorts or single colour t-shirt. So, start your own trend with this mix of high and low styles to get people swooning.

Silk Mid Length Shirtdresses

Embrace the Old Silk Mid Length Shirtdresses: Were you aware of the fact that the older generations used to consider a silk mid length shirtdress as a house wear? The contemporary mindset has let these shirtdresses loose and they make for eye-catching attire when styled with flat sandals or a pair of sneakers.

Vintage Lady Handbag

Carry style with a Vintage Lady Handbag: Structured handbags with a top handle were chosen carefully, as carrying them with all outfits could land you in shame. However, this season, we suggest you try out a structured top-handle bag with almost anything from a pair of denim jeans to a party dress.

Brooches and Pins

Enhance your look with Brooches and Pins: Brooches and pins have enjoyed special moments in the fall fashion shows. But this accessory is an easy one to sport even before the leaves start to fall. Wear the brooch or pin on a denim jacket or on a cotton dress and make a style statement!

Retro Silk Scarves

Give Retro Silk Scarves a new meaning: Scarves in the old days were not just worn for protection, they were a style statement. You can try the scarves with neon patterns and prints to turn the old-school ones into a contemporary, fanciful spin. Styling the scarf correctly is equally important. The ways to tie them are many, from turbans and wrist adornments to bag knots and loose neckties. Choose from what would suit you the best.


Let Pearls define your choice of fashion: Long gone are the days when pearls were worn only to lunch parties. Ear cuffs, oversized chokers and finger rings look sizzling with the pearl stones and these have given pearls a new meaning for the current generation. Whether you have worn a leather jacket or a classic dress, pearls practically complement every outfit.

This season, let old look gold on you!

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