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Victoria Beckham’s Wrap around Belt Is the New Style

Victoria Beckham is a name that has been synonymous with style. The day she was seen sporting some startling style statements, every item she sported became a trendsetter in the fashion world. After the lady took her chance at fashion designing, there were a lot of speculations whether she can take her personal style statements into a label, and the rest of the story is history. She owns one of the most famed fashion brands today and is known to be style diva in her own right. If you have checked Victoria Beckham’s dressing in last few parties and outings, you will find a stunning style fact. Yes, she has been donning a wrap around belt on almost every occasion. Needless to mention, this has caught the fancy of fashion police and has been accepted as new fashion tip from an elite designer.

If you take a glance at the way she has sported the wrap around belt, you will find that she has sported the belt in almost same style. In one of her various appearances, she is seen wearing a black outfit with a matching pair of wedges. The only accessories that she was seen sporting is the wrap around belt. The look gave her the complete formal look with touches to shimmer that came from her watch. She styled her hair little curls and ensured that the casualness of her appearance isn’t compromised. 


On another event, she was seen wearing a blue outfit with the same belt. She kept her hair straight, and the wedges were replaced with a pair of boots. Here again, the wrap around belt seemed to be her focus in accessories, and the look was that of a corporate woman with an eye for fashion. At an event with her husband David Beckham, she was seen wearing a grey off-shoulder gown with the same wrap around belt with almost no other accessories. She decided to play an unvarnished look without any jewelry, but what can be made out is the prominence that she has given to the belt. The black belt was placed perfectly around her well shaped waist. Her hair was done over the head, to give the perfect red carpet look.

Another look of Victoria Beckham that can be called a game changer is the one where she is seen sporting the wrap around belt with a jacket. With her grey outfit, she was seen wearing the belt with a jacket. She combined the outfit with a pair of peep toe wedges, and hair was left to be carefree with a few curls.

This wrap around belt from Victoria Beckham is a perfect example as how you can turn your regular closet items into substances of style. One thing that’s notable in this particular style is the buckle that’s placed on the side. Also, the belt is not the regular and large belt, instead Victoria has chosen a thin belt that doesn’t take away the focus from her outfit or overshadows the style of the entire look.



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