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Unique Spring 2017 Shoe Trends You Must Try This Season!

Welcome back! In the last few weeks, we have talked endless things about spring 2017, and some of these trends and ideas were downright edgy and funky. In this post, we will talk about a few unique trends in shoes, which were worth a try. These are shoe ideas that worked for both style and functionality, and we thought that you would love to pick a couple of pairs. Without much ado, here are the shoe trends that deserve mention for spring 2017.

Boots like second skin

Boots like second skin: Boots were one of the major highlights of spring 2017, and designers worked with the second skin boots in a fun way. Seen at Gucci among others, these boots were more like wearing a pair of leggings – super fine and well sorted for the summers. You can team these pairs with almost anything, especially with shorter skirts and dresses. This isn’t completely off the regular rulebook but has the right element of daring. Take a shot!

Platform girl

Platform girl: A lot of top names like Gucci and Miu Miu worked with platforms in a variety of styles and designs. Some of the heels were all about experimenting with looks, while others incorporated extreme length and rhinestone to get a more unique effect. If there has to be one expensive pair in your closet this season, make sure to check these names along with others like Marc Jacobs. We can assure that you won’t regret the idea, and the pair would be your pick for every party and evening outing.

Flip flops revamped

Flip flops revamped: Who doesn’t have flip flops in the closet? However, in shows of Prada, Lanvin and Miu Miu, the classic went for a revamp, and what we have is a mix of many elements that are specially selected for the summer. These flip flops can be paired with fluffy skirts, summer dresses, denims, short dungarees, and much more. If you are in mood for a beach vacation, get a couple of pairs and you are sorted for the season. If short on budget, check online stores to find something more easy to fit your pocket.

Fancy heels

Fancy heels: This has to be our pick in spring 2017 shoe trends. Designers and brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo and Saint Laurent worked with heels that were anything but ordinary. These heels are amazing and extremely versatile, often carrying a stamp of the label. In all likeliness, you will see a lot of dupes in the similar style, but we surely recommend that you get a pair of originals. After all, classics are here to stay, and you can never go wrong with the known designers, both in terms of comfort and glamour.

We would also point the use of colours this season. From pop shades to classic bright reds and blues, there was a mix of rainbow shades that were rightly used keeping the season in mind. If you need to know more about spring 2017, keep an eye on this space, and we promise to come back soon with more!

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