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Turtleneck can Look Glamorous too!

Although, you love that warm, cuddled-up feeling you get when you don winter clothing, you are also worried about your fashion sense becoming a little cramped. In fact, turtleneck sweaters and jerseys are the biggest cause of your worry. You are convinced that you look like a strict educator, a nerdy librarian, or a dedicated instructor in them. Well, let us show you how you can convert even these boring garments into ultra-modern and classy apparel, merely by making a few adjustments to your style of dressing.

The fashionista in the picture above (on the left) looks anything but staid and dowdy. In fact, she looks very trendy and fashionable, despite donning a knitted, turtleneck top. The mini-skirt underneath it is barely visible! The ankle-length boots, hat and earrings complement the entire outfit in a marvellous way. If you are hesitant about wearing mini-skirts, opt for midis, shinnies and trousers.

Of course, if you are going to work, you cannot roam around in a mini-skirt; you will need to be a little more sedate in your appearance. Trade the mini for an elegant pair of dress pants or denim trousers. Please ensure that the colours of the pants and your turtleneck top do not clash. Yes, the knitted garment is rather long. Well, tuck it into your pants/trousers. Similarly, exchange the boots for chic-looking, high-heeled pump shoes made of leather. Go in for a contrast colour that matches your outfit perfectly. Finally, place a beautiful necklace around your neck. You have managed to make your drab clothing look quite glamorous.

Now, the fashionista in the centre desires to show off summer colours and styles during the winter season via a sleek-looking, black turtleneck. The knitted garment is layered under the yellow top and greyish-blue topcoat. Well, you can opt for the same style, if you hate putting away your pretty tanks, dresses and overalls for such a lengthy duration. However, choose everything with care, for you do not wish to look excessively bulky.

It is possible to experiment with this style. For instance, a pencil skirt matching the colour of your turtleneck should make you look like an executive. Either wear tights, or leave your legs bare. Pumps are suitable footwear for this kind of an outfit. Lacy or satiny skirts, teamed with wool tights and a silk scarf or necklace, are superb for semi-formal parties. In case, you wish to go completely contemporary, go in for a leather skirt, black ankle booties, and lacy tights.

Look tall, and you feel tall! The last fashionista in the image above has placed a T-shirt over her turtleneck. She has even used distressed denim as a layering, completing the outfit with classic, leather boots. You need not do exactly what she does, be different. Discard the tights and boots, switch over to trousers

Thus, if you let your imagination stretch to the maximum, you should be able come up with something good enough to make a fashion statement at the office, semi-formal celebrations, or formal events.

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