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Trendy Fashions for the Spring Season

With the arrival of the spring season, one can put away their heavy winter clothing and indulge in summery styles to your heart’s content. The fashioniastas can make a fashion statement with these trendy styles, either in Spring or later.


Have you ever seen a shirt-dress being worn this way? There is just the starched, stiff collar to indicate that this is a representation of a shirt; the sleeves begin below the well-rounded shoulders. Clever darts and seams, along with front buttons aligned in a north-south direction serve to complete the impression of great élan. You are bound to feel very comfortable during your casual outings and shopping sprees.

Shirt Dress

This apparently colourless dress is a work of art, crafted by skilled tailors. You will comprehend their talent, as you feel the folds follow the lines of your body to smooth perfection. Team it with a pair of streamlined, deep-blue sandals, as well as contemporary jewellery, and you are done.

Fringe Factor

It is hard to know where the fringes begin and where they end in this bohemian creation. Simple sandals are good enough for this kind of attire. Suffice to say, it can make your personality appear vivacious and zippy. You will light up every informal event that you attend.

Fringe Factor_1

Fringed skirts are definitely not traditional or conventional, especially when teamed with a knitted top, furry jacket and booties. Just walk down the street and watch the heads turn as you go past! Alternatively, combine the fringe skirt with an Oxford shirt in a contrasting colour and a pair of shower shoes, if you feel too overwhelmed by sweaters and jackets.

Off the shoulder looks

Are you planning to go to a party? Well, there is no harm in leaving your shoulders, back and legs uncovered for once in your life at least. After all, you do have a figure that is dying to be shown off! The hues of the dress do not matter since it is your personal choice. However, opt for pleasant colours, with equally pleasant designs. The sleeves and the overall pattern of this attire are very contemporary, in perfect tune with the modern mindset.

Off the shoulder looks_evening out

Are you eager to flaunt your well-toned, slender body? You should opt for skin-tight pants that reach up high on the waist. They serve to make you look taller. Black is a splendid colour, suitable for all skin types and seasons. Team it up with white and black combination top sporting unusual balloon-like sleeves. This is an off-the-shoulder garment, patterned in the couture style, ideal for night-time or daytime wear. Of course, if your legs feel stifled by the close-fitting pants, especially on a hot day, just substitute them with a pair of dressed-up shorts. Oxford boots should go well with the overall outfit. You can travel in comfort, even to the most rugged places in town.

Spring is indeed a great time to exhibit your well-toned body, tanned shoulders and slender limbs in public. Regardless, your constitution will help you decide when to sport ‘cool’ attire and when to don ‘warmer’ clothing.

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