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Trends Roundup: Top highlights from Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2015

The best thing about Emporio Armani collections is the freshness. There is a never a dull moment when their models walk the runways. Given that, we had some real reasons to decode the Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2015, and guess what? We had some of the most iconic things worth trying, some of which are a part of the overall summer trends that we covered some time back. Here are the best ideas, which can be your trends for the coming season. If there was anything at the Milan Fashion Week that needed a round, this has to be the one.


Go with the new black- Navy blue: Utter pleasing and not as dark as the eternal black, there is something about navy blue that made it a hit for Spring Summer 2015. At Emporio Armani, the look was crisp and not without the glamour quotient, which we liked. Those nice dresses with a touch of high end stylish detailing made for a totally rocking combo. If there has to be a colour that should rule your summer choices in the coming year, you know what to pick. The darker blues were seen at other designers, but this one was worth vouching for.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans with a twist: This remains the favourite pick of the lot we saw at the collection, mainly because the design was utterly cool and happening. From those loose trousers to the Boyfriend jeans, everything went for quite a makeover, where we spotted some great ankle cut designs and custom tailored choices. The look was essentially on the edge and offered something that is more practical for the summer. For those who thought that runway trends don’t go the streets in style, they surely need to get ahead with this one!

Flats and more flats

Flats and more flats: This seems to be the Emporio Armani mantra for the season! Flats, starting from the sneakers to the trainers, were all over their collection, and all of their models know the trick to carry the style well. The beauty comes that there was no unwanted detailing, but simple flats that would work with the tennis skirt or the regular summer jeans with ease. Again, a hint of blue was everywhere, so we know this is here to stay for sure.

Cross body and Sling bagsMore of the cross body bags: Cross body and sling bags seem to have found their place everywhere. Look for the Emporio Armani blue design, and you will know that how much the style can work. The best element is the effortless in the design, which helps you to combine the look with anything and everything with ease. Pick colours you like, but again, they seem to be in favour of the new black we just talked about. A bit of zing on the sling or cross body bag won’t hurt you much, and if you love the pop colours, this is a trend that can give a cue.

Get started with your love for spring yet again with Emporio Armani!


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