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Trends in Sunglasses: Everything for 2013-14

A trendy pair of sunglasses can light up all kinds of outfits, and that’s the reason most fashionistas cannot just get away from the style statements in glares. Here, we bring you what you need the most for sunglasses –trends for 2013 and 2014. Most of these trends are not limited to any season but you are more likely to see them in many months to come.

Clear Frames:

Clear Frames

If you have followed our posts, you might have seen how those transparent heels and unique clear clutches made their mark in the fashion circles. The trend continues to inspire and transform with clear frames for sunglasses. This is more of a classy statement that works wonders when you choose in more broad styles and unique shapes. Like them or not, clear frames will continue to enthuse designers and brands.

Frames in matte shades:

Frames in matte shades

Frames in complete matte finish are one of the hottest sunglasses trends on the block, and what it seems for now, the more is about to come. If you can combine the reflective glass style with a matte finished frame, it is most likely that you will find a fashion calling unlike any. The colour of the frame is such that you can choose even regular glasses with ease, and there will be no mistake. For those who like to experiment more than often, this is a trend for them.

Cat eye sunglasses:

Cat eye sunglasses

Many might argue that cat-eye shaped sunglasses are nothing new in the market, but for 2013, the trend gets more distinctive and experimental. Rather than old classy styles, this is the time to try the shape in more modern ways. The good thing is you can wear this in matte finish or mirrored style, or in any style you like and still be chic with the fashion police.

Mirrored sunglasses:

Mirrored sunglasses

With numerous people loving these kinds of sunglasses, we expect the reflective glasses to move on to 2014. What works in favour of mirrored and reflective sunglasses is the interest factor, which is why you can draw attention wherever you go. If you are getting photographed with the glares on, it is most likely that you will make headlines among your friends.

Mirrored sunglasses in colour:

Mirrored sunglasses in colour

From the runways to the streets, the styles in the mirrored statement can vary, but you can try colour options without thinking twice. Men and women alike- this is one trend to try your hands on. Among the colours, the choices are plenty but for those looking for what the experts suggest, it has to be blue. The reflective blue has something very infectious about it and continues to be used in different shapes and frames. Also in vogue are golden metallic look and pink.

Of course, there is always an inherent need to understand the practical needs of a pair of sunglasses, and it is advisable to stick to known brands. Since brands create what we largely call trends, the best collections in the original form can be found with them. Pick your choice!

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