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Trend Roundup- Bright, Brighter and Brightest At Moschino Spring Summer 2015

In our last posts, we had mentioned about D Squared and Nina Ricci, who had some real things to offer for the Spring Summer 2015 in terms of colours. Moschino Spring Summer 2015 takes the colour and shades to a new level. Here, we found nothing that is dull, but each and every look was all about having fun, which certainly is meant for those who wish to experiment. We take a close look to decode on what you can pick from this fantastic brand, with ideas on how you can be cool with Moschino styling this summer.

Show off the swim suit

Underwear over the body suit- sounds Superman right? Things took a total new turn when Moschino appliquéd the swimsuit on the dresses and suits. From being just an eye candy, the models looked quite quirky and fun. Adding to this, the retro style hair only made the looks better. Honestly, this is not something for every girl out there, but yes, if you like people to take your style in a new way, nothing beats this one.

Towel style out in the forefront

What about a towel that has been converted in a dress? Another killer look from the brand that made editors wonder on where we can take this. Probably somewhere to the beach, and for the ladies who dare, there is nothing more fun than the casual day out in a towel dress. Again, they kept the colours soft with white being the main choice, but a pop of pink like the label won’t hurt. You might want to keep the prints to the minimal and let the style do the talking.

Big chain belts in plastic

Talk of colour pops this season, and we found these amazing coloured belts in plastic in shades like blue and yellow. Totally out of the league when it comes to accessories we saw for the spring season, this one is more like a brand owned theme, and not to forget, that’s not easy to take off. In fact, unless your attitude speaks volumes, it’s tough to get this one trend right! The looks even included oversized earrings, with amazing palette of popping colours.

Blow up handbags

Another style that comes with dare factor. The neon coloured bags at the collection were blown up, so much so that we wondered if they were aired. The models on the ramp looked ravishing by all means, and this one won’t be hard to try for you, as well. The colours again played a major role, so we have neon orange and pink that seems to be the brightest designs in handbags we have seen so far. You can keep one for the vacations and the other one is for the day out for shopping!

We also have to mention the boombox bags that were a part of the runway looks. Unless you are Lady Gaga, you may have a tough time with them for sure!

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