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Trend Roundup- Bright, Brighter and Brightest At Moschino Spring Summer 2015

Stella McCartney is one designer who continues to inspire millions, and time and again, we have endorsed this designer for being against leather and animal products. So, when it comes to fashion with essence, we just couldn’t go beyond Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Apart from the goodness of the label, we found some real worthy highlights that can come to your closets with amazing ease. Here are the top picks for the best trends for the coming summer, right from the runways.


Back to the summer dresses


While there is nothing like innovation, we did run from pillar to post in finding the right elements that would work for the summer essential clothing needs. At Stella McCartney, we saw some summer dresses that came in the basic block shades, starting from blue to black in style. We loved the way the designer left much to the imagination, so there were both short simple cut dresses to the looks that went to the mid-calf region for that twist. Quite obviously, you don’t really need a guide to wear this one for sure, and we insist you pick the softer shades.


Go oversize with chain link jewellery


The love for chain link jewellery continues at Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Go all the way large with the chains and keep the linking in authentic style, and you will have a special trend that will be loved by one and all. We saw quite a few of the transparent plastic options that were easy to love and appreciate, and if you are not a fan of extremes, this is worth a simple idea to pick. Pair them with the above summer dresses and make the statement of minimalism look fabulous.


Wide legged trousers with a tweak


Stella McCartney did bring back the 2014 spring summer trend of wide trousers, but yes, there were quite a few changes, which were desired. The hemlines started from reaching the ankles to ending around the calf, so the options for every closet is huge. We saw jumpsuits in the wide legged style, and again, blue made a runway appearance as the new black. Quite like-like!


Welcome the oversized buckles


Easily the editor’s favourite was those oversized buckles that were combined with tops and dresses. While the style statement was minimal, we loved the buckles worked like an accessory, which is why probably the look was left to straight hair and no or limited accessories. Add a clutch if you feel the need, but the buckles itself works like a head turner, so the beauty element is effective.


We would like to make a special mention for parachute silk bombers, which were also among the other things we spotted and demanded to be tried for simplicity. Clearly, the large style is going to stay here for long. As for the label, Stella McCartney never fails to surprise, and even the trends that seemed to be around had been given a refreshing twist. We keep asking for more!


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