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Trend Roundup- Best Picks from Rochas Spring/Summer 2015

There are few brands that make a strong statement as D Squared. Just when we thought most things for spring summer have been covered for 2015, we had a chance to glance on this collection at the Milan Fashion Week. With vision and amazing sense of future, D Squared Spring Summer Collection 2015 was like a much needed breather. If you have followed our trend roundups, you know by now that our focus is on the unique things, and we look to at D Squared with the same vision. Here are the top picks!

A pop of bright coloured tailoring

Amazing and essentially styled for the season in mind, we loved the way D Squared got the colours in their spring collection. The designs included quite a few bright colours, and the good side of the same is the masculine designing and tailored cuts. If you thought blue was the only colour to choose for 2015 summer, this is one brand that forces you to think differently. Make sure to find your colour love for the season with D Squared, and we are sure this will be soon be on the shelves of other stores.

Leather in block colours

While we don’t support leather, but there is nothing that matches the leather trend we spotted at this label. Coloured leather surely never looked this pretty in the brighter shades. Again, the colours were all pleasures to be checked, and the incredible thing is their combo. We saw contrasts in leather colours that are hard to find and yet you would want the model to get brownie points for making it so cool. Mix blue with pink and white- sounds a great vision? You have to see that to believe.

High and higher gladiators

We had spoken about gladiators making rounds at the Paris Fashion Week, but it was found in Milan, as well. Essentially, D Squared gave the style a right twist to add the zing of interest. The gladiators went to on to reach the thighs with astonishing cuts. Many may argue that this is a trend that is reserved to the runways, but we beg to believe otherwise. The look should work for those style parties where you would want the heads to turn. As a tip, you can do better with black. If leather is not for you, go for the faux options, which should quirky enough.

Metallic tones are on the way

It seemed skin-tight leather is back in action, and D Squared had quite some love for the material. We spotted the beautiful and always appealing Coco Rocha on the runway who made sure that the nice cut and amazing style made headlines. Kudos to the designers who made the look work like magic, and of course, you would need that perfect 10-on-10 figure to carry this off. Again, go beyond leather if you are an animal person, but yes, this is something you surely want to try.

In our next few roundups, it’s more about Spring Summer 2015 trends.

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