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Trend Picks From Pre-Fall 2016 Collections- Part 1

Frankly, we are not even done with the spring 2016 trends, and it is already time for Pre-Fall 2016. As always, there are some real steals in the Pre-Fall 2016 collections, with some incredible trends that can easily get into your closet. In the last few years, the pre-fall collections have shown many trends that eventually were coveted for the fall too. If you are someone who has followed our blog, you know we never miss on talking of the runway trends, while also adding some incredible styling tips that will help you get the best of these ideas. So, let’s get started!

Leopard print

Leopard print: Some fashion ideas are called classics for a reason! Pre-Fall 2016 had a lot of our favourite animal print, and you cannot just shy away from this one. If you are someone who loves to invest in coats because apparently that’s what most people do for this pre-season, there are incredible leopard print coats that you can check. Some of the designers worth checking for this particular trend include Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and Sonia Rykiel. If you are not into high-end designer stuff, you can even check the online stores, where there are plenty of replicas. It is wise to note here that the leopard print was mostly seen in its original colour, and that can be a cue!

Back with the pastels

Back with the pastels: Back in spring 2014, people were going gaga over pastels, and to be honest, the candy sugar colours were worth drooling. The same palette of colours makes a comeback again for Pre-Fall 2016, and a number of designers have worked with incredible shades to offer a lighter toned mood to the season. The idea is to go for complete pastel looks, which were seen at designers like Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani, Jason Wu, Versace among others. While there were yellows and violets, the best colour has to be blue. If you are someone who likes the pre-fall to be more stunning than the spring and summer, this is one trend worth trying.

Rethink the power suit

Rethink the power suit: This is another trend that can be called edgy and truly experimental in more ways than one. The power suit is an asset for the corporate ladies, but for the season in mind, many designers have worked with offering immense variety in terms of design, prints and materials. Keep an eye on the elemental changes, and there’s a lot that you can take from the top collections, like that of Jason Wu, Givenchy, and Brooks’ Brothers. If you want to go beyond the one-colour power suits, Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang worked with some really fun and cool prints too. Precisely, you may have reasons to invest in high-end fashion in days ahead, given that these are exclusive in many ways.

Did we mention that we have some more trends in store to be revealed? In the next post, it will be more about Pre-Fall 2016, with styles, trends, tips and more. Keep watching this space for more.

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