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Top Ways to Wear the Lemon Shade for Summers!

The winters are ready to go and we have already welcomed the next season trends. Spring has some real things to check, so we have seen everything from gingham print to the coming of standout accessories. Of all the things, one thing that is constant and will remain constant is the trend of highlighting. One bold colour and one highlight item can change the entire look, and this time we are talking of the lemon shade. Take a note of the items in lemon yellow that can be the perfect pal for any dull look that needs some essence.

The lemon coloured handbag

The lemon coloured handbag: We always tend to under-spend on the handbags, and needless to mention, lemon is the last colour to go for. This season, adopt the love for the shade with a handbag that is either inspired from the colour or is completely immersed in it. The colour stands sans any support and you don’t need to wait to match by any means. Lemon coloured handbags can be shopped at great prices online and you can even choose to go for a brand that you trust. For those who are not very fond of big handbags, even a sleeve in lemon shade for the tablet or laptop can be quite a good idea.

A pair of lemon coloured heels

A pair of lemon coloured heels: Those high heels that you love wearing can come in lemon and become the perfect thing for turning heads around you. The look doesn’t have to be over the top but you can wear such a pair of shoes with almost anything, starting from the little black dress to the summer dresses and lots more. Go for the ultimate yellow sandal and you will love the appeal it has for your long legs. Many girls also like the trend if highlighting the shoes. So, a pair of heels that come with just one ribbon or strap in yellow can be quite something to check.

Get it the trend cheap

Get it the trend cheap: When it comes to accessories, not everything has to be branded. The best choice is the coming of yellow in smaller items, which can be shopped at the cheapest prices on the shopping sites or even in the flea market where there are many options. Check for bracelets, rings, pendants or even a cheaply priced pair of flip flops or slippers- the choices are many for even less than $1. Make sure that you buy the things that create the popup effect, so even a statement neckpiece in lemon shade can be worth a look.

Fashion doesn’t mean designer brands, but even with the right assembling of looks, things can be different and challenging. Get going with lemon as your popup colour of the season and you will find many others looking at you for reference. The only mantra that you should be following here is to avoid going over the top- balance is the key to getting the subtle yet highlighted look right for any season. Start your bucket list and get going now!

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