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Top Trends That Can Be Termed Classics

Every season, it’s a rush of new things, and there’s plenty that one can pick to add to the closet. Many of these trends pass down the years as classics. In short, these are trends that work like cult and have been strong enough to withstand many seasons. In this very special post, we will talk of some evergreen fashion trends that emerged strong enough to be considered as timeless fashion ideas.

Amazing cat-eye sunglasses

Amazing cat-eye sunglasses: The best thing about cat-eye sunglasses is the cool retro feel, which finds some resonance even today. Many models and celebs are seen wearing the shape from time to time, and there are choices to go completely quirky or to play more balanced, which is a great thing. The good thing is you can find cat-eye sunglasses almost in any store, but it is advisable that you invest in a known one, because this is something that will stay in the closet for the longest time.

Love for miniskirts

Love for miniskirts: What’s precisely ‘mini’ for you? Well, that’s more of a personal statement, but miniskirt is all about showing off legs and having no qualms about the same. Miniskirts have been around since the time you and your mother was a kid, so basically you have plenty to experiment with. Invest in one black miniskirt and a colourful, which can be matched with shirts, blouses and even spaghetti tops.

Style with gingham print

Style with gingham print: In spring 2015, we had many designers who used and worked with gingham print. The gingham print has something very timeless about it. Starting off with skirts and tops to complete ensemble created out of different styles of print, there’s something for everyone. The best part of wearing this print is the fact that it keeps coming back to the fashion circles, so you are never likely to run out of ideas. The concept is to balance it rightly with the accessories, so that the focus remains on the print alone.

Fun with jean jacket

Fun with jean jacket: If you are someone who likes to play with layers and for all seasons, there is no way that you can miss the jean jacket, which is easily one of the most important things for layering. With a cropped top or a nice white plain tee, you can add the jean jacket for a quick update. Always ensure that the colour you choose is close to the classic as that is what is mostly repeated both on and off the runways. Also, it is wise to look for a well fitting jacket, which offers the maximum feel.

Also, one would like to mention a few other accessories that have been amazingly great as classic such as Silk scarves and ballet flats. Starting off with astonishing trends from the past, you can actually step ahead in the future without any worries. If you don’t have any of these things with you right now, it might make sense to allocate some budget to own these essentials to style like a pro.

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