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Top Trends in Accessories for Summer 2013

Trends for summer and spring are always interesting, with a number of bright colours and profiles thrown in. There are so many different kinds of trends in dresses that one certainly looks forward to trends in accessories. Check these cool summer accessories and trends that will certainly ask to explore and experiment more than ever.

Statement Jewellery

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Unique Statement Jewellery: Bold and fun- these are two words that define statement jewellery. Think of those oversized rings, necklaces and earrings that are available in plenty. The idea is to ensure that you have something that suits fashion clothing, and of course, your skin tone. This is more of an experimental trend, so there is a lot that you can play with. What works best in favour of statement jewellery is the fact that you can find them anywhere, right from the street market to the more expensive imitation jewellery brands. The more you have, the more you want to stock!

Long Pendent

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Long Pendants: These pendants came in the limelight sometime back and are refusing to go. The idea of such pendants is a long chain or an elongated pendant. The good part of such pendants is the compatibility level, which lets you wear them with any kind of dress. No matter whether you are wearing a simple loose shirt or wearing a chic ethnic wear, these pendants wear essentially with everything. You can choose animal pendants and other kinds of beaded chains for a change, and stick to gold and silver accents wherever possible. Large pendants are good enough to draw attention to any dress.

Plastic Jewellery

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Plastic Jewellery: If you have been watching the fashion circles and the runway models, you might have seen the craze for plastic jewellery. The greatest thing for plastic jewellery is the fact that you don’t need to spend heavily on them. Instead, you can look for banal options that are often stylish and fashionable but extremely in fashion. There is an edgy aspect to it, if you are looking to swap to those metal chains and rings, this is the time. The spring-summer 2013 brings in a new fashion trend!

Gold Accented Jewellery

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More gold accents: There was a time when chain link jewellery made an entry in the market and stayed for while. Though the fashion trends have changed to a large extent, the gold accents still remain in fashion. The plus point of gold is its appeal, which works for the daytime and evenings with equal ease. Mix your regular fashion jewellery with small chains, rings, ear rings or even highlights in gold, and you are ready for the kill!

Leather bracelet

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Leather and wood bracelets: Leather and wood bracelets have made way to the runways in a unique manner. While girls seem to love the wooden bangles and bracelets in bright colours and quirky shapes, the men love the leather bands that give a very rock band singer kind of feeling. Look for those colours that demand attention and those shapes and designs that are totally unconventional, quirky and fun.

Stay fashionable with summer accessories!


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