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Top Trends for Tall Women in Swimwear

Tall women can take their height on their positive side and can bring new hues to their looks. When it comes to swimwear, there are many women who shy away from wearing certain styles as they feel they can’t show off their body like their average counterparts. However, being tall helps you in carrying certain styles that your average counterparts cannot try. If you have kept a watch of Mercedes Benz Swim 2012 Fashion Week, you might have spotted a few style statements in swimwear that would look best on someone who is well endowed with the right features and has a decent height. Here’s a quick check on some of these styles.

Swimwear Bold Color

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Bold shades: One of the many trends that made rounds on the runways was the trend of wearing bold cuts and colours. For tall women, wearing something in two or three colours in contrasting shades without any colour mixing can be a great way to accentuate their height, and for them, getting styled is a matter of minutes in such shades. Whether it’s a two piece bikini set in different bold colours or a one piece dress with three colours in a particular pattern, everything in bright colours does work in style.

Tankini Styled Bikini

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Tankini styled bikinis: When it comes to a style that ruled the ramps and fashion circuits, tankini tops seemed to be on the top of the list. Loose fitting tops with almost no added style elements look really classy on women who like to be casual about their look on the beach and don’t want to get involved in too much of skin show. Whether you are checking the nearby markets or are tanning by the sea, these bikinis are a classy choice.


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Bandeaus with a difference: If you have checked bandeaus and thought them to be over the top for tall women, check the styles in the market in bandeaus. You can wear the style but with a difference. There are many designs in bandeaus that you can check online, and sometimes one piece of added cloth with this style can change the fashion rules for tall women. Maintaining your bare act is not that difficult!

Swimwear with matching dress

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Swimwear with matching dress: Fashion is not just about wearing the right item, but you need to ensure that you carry the same in style. With a nice style bikini style, what works best is a matching handbag in the same fabric and print. There are many designers who have exploited this style over the years and have come up with matched style look that can make tall women look worth a million bucks.

While Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week offered a sneak peak of what is happening in the fashion squares, tall women need to understand that fashion in swimwear doesn’t necessarily mean to look revealing. If you have the perfect figure, flaunting those long legs can be really interesting and innovative for a casual vacation or for just hanging by the beach on weekends.

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