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Top style tips to look smart every morning

Every day when you enter the office, you come across many people who look fresh and never tired out. You might be wondering whether they are shopping too frequently, or it’s their perfume that’s doing the magic. Getting styled for a casual day in the college and a day in the office is easy, provided you pay attention to a few doable and easy things. We bring the most well tested tips for that fresh and new look every day. You just need to ensure that you have the right essentials meant for styling and dressing.

Ponytail hairstyle

Get the pony: If the neat look is your forte, and you don’t have the perfect straight hair, all you need is some spray and hair straightening. You don’t need to rush anywhere, but you just need to get a pony. A pony with the right of hair spray can give a polished look for long hours in the morning. Alternatively, the side braid is much in action, and if you have frizzy hair, you can think of that. In fact, a fishbone braid is the most cult way to look smart every morning.

Get the manicure at home

Get the manicure at home: All you need for this is good 10 minutes when you are in the washroom. Just ensure that your nail paint is in place, and there is no chipping off from the edges. Every morning, you must make sure that your nails are clean and in shape. Most good looking women don’t flung dirty or unpolished nails. Get the top coat of your nail paint reapplied every three days.

Get a fashionable watch

Get a fashionable watch: Watches can make any lady look much more serious than she actually is. All you need is the right watch with the right dress, and you will look much more organised than ever. Watches are actually quite an essential even for the casual days. You can get a cool and casual look when you want or can just be the perfect corporate woman.

Get the makeup essentials

Get the makeup essentials: Every face is different and needs different kind of handling. You need to make sure that you are using the right makeup items. A perfect looking gloss and mascara are meant for every woman, which you can alternatively use with a kohl pencil or shadow colours. Just ensure that you don’t leave your mascara unbalanced and don’t overdo your makeup.

Get a balanced look with accessories

Get a balanced look with accessories: Like it or not, most women either underplay their looks with accessories, or just wear too much. Modern fashion is all about getting what is right for a dress and that too in balance. Avoid being too much loud or too much harsh on yourself with the use of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Wear things for a smart look but in balance.

Fashion for every morning means being tidy and neat in your getup, and you don’t need a fortune for that. Just be as much in balance as you can, and styling won’t be a problem.


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