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Top Shopping Mistakes Every Girl Should Avoid- Part 1

Shopping, shopping and more shopping! Let’s agree that we all love to shop, and most women can never get enough of it. However, shopping isn’t simply about buying things or it is about having a large collection. You will find many girls who have limited things in the closet and yet they manage to look good with their personal style statement. As such, you need to get the essentials rather than shopping rubbish. Take a look at our series, where we talk of the talking mistakes most ladies make while opting for the choices.

Dont shop at many places

Don’t shop at many places: Like a confused customer, if you have been looking at too many stores and trying to lay your hands on all collections that are launched by different designers and brands, you are already making the wrong choices. If you are keen to know what rules the ramp, go by the choices that work. Choose an online portal that offers the maximum brands and labels, and you can skip the mistake of shopping in too many places, which only ends in duplicating things. Ideally, one website or shopping mall should do it all for you.

Dont shop expensive always

Don’t shop expensive always: Of course, a few things, like your watch or handbag can be designer in all ways, but never ever fall for the expensive shopping mistake. Only a few people know and value branded stuff, so when you can manage with a lesser known brand that also reflects the same style. Know the steals when you check any online store or visit the street market for some quick buys. Classic things are welcome in the closet, but do not run behind making everything into a classic because either most others will not watch or they are not a close observer.

Buy for whats there in the closet

Buy for what’s there in the closet: There are times when you find you have too much of pink in the closet and there’s a need for something else. The idea is to balance. Don’t shop things that are not sync with one another. Having a collection where you can mix and match is quite a good thing, and therefore, do not shop for all colours and designs that seem attractive. Smart shoppers or the trendy girls you meet at the office are the ones know what works for them and they own a collection that is easy to sync and work together.

Avoid custom clothing

Avoid custom clothing: The ready-to- wear market is too huge right now, and there is something for every single lady out there. Don’t simply go by the choice of customized clothes all the time because that’s where you will be spending the maximum amount of money. Instead, go for ready-made wear and tailor it to fit the body type you have. Ready-made clothes are essentially cheap, so even if you pick a size that’s larger than yours from the flea market, you always have the option of tailoring it in the way you want.

Check the next on this series for more shopping mistakes!

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