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Top Leather Items to Have For Fall 2013

One classic that has made way to the fall season of 2013 in style, it is none other than the evergreen leather. We bring some of the essential items of leather that is a must have for every woman out there. If you love style, there’s no way that you can ignore this!


  • The perfect leather top: A regular top made of leather can go a long way this season. From Maiyet braided styles to the always in action style of peplum from Alexander McQueen, there are too many interesting choices that you can have. While black is always a classic choice, check for white leather, as well. Leather tops can be worn to office, as well, but as always, you have the more casual option to be more likeable. Some people do like leather tops in bright colours, but if you have one with you, reserve them for more funky occasions. Subtle colours like maroon and olive green can be more of tasteful choices.
  • The beautiful pair of leather shorts: There is something about leather shorts that make them so much fashionable. While the coldest winters in shorts can be tough, you can always wear them with an oversized overcoat. Check some of the designs from 3.1 Phillip Lim for getting a better idea. What works for leather shorts is the fact that you can always shuttle between the subtle designs or can go completely in the punk mode.
  • The flawless skirt: Remember the schoolgirl style that we have always loved? This is the season to have a few leather skirts in the closet. Stretched or stylish in colour, the leather skirt can never go wrong. You will fall in love with the pleated choices from Alice + Olivia, or there are some pencil skirts that came in vogue from brands like Givenchy. The good part about skirts is the easy choices for both formal and informal wear, and there is a lot to like in even the knee length designs. Not to forget, Zara has some full length leather skirts to offer, as well.
  • The leather dress: There is something about leather and its classy appeal that makes it worth the hype every season. This fall, you can safely invest in leather and have all the fun with it. While white and coloured leather is something more about experimenting, leather in black is something is more of a refined taste. Black leather dresses of Alexander Wang are certainly worth a check. The knee length dresses are definitely better than extremely short ones.
  • The leather jacket: If you love fashion, there is no way that you can avoid buying a leather jacket. From classic brown to the more banal black, leather for jacket is always in fashion, and there is no better season to wear them than the fall where the chances are many. You can check the biker jackets from Proenza Schouler or can simply check the trench coats from Burberry that are quite designer and luxurious at the same time.

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