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Top Ideas to Wear the Polka Dots This Summer!

With endless styles and matchless number of prints available, there is still something very special about the polka dot design that makes sense even today. Every designer or brand, at some point, attempted the style, which has led to a huge revolution. Here are some smart ways to bring the polka dot in the closet, with some banal and some not-so conventional choices in consideration.

Polka Dot Blouse

A polka dot blouse: The colour isn’t much of a concern here, but the polka dot blouse is always a hit for the runways for sure. You can wear such blouses with denims and skirts with equal ease and take them even to work. While white and any other coloured dots make for a subtle combination, there are also other choices to see and experiment with. The idea is to let go of the inhibitions and start playing! The button down design is obvious but worth the style, while adding a bow or a little hint of nice buttons can also add to the look.

Maxi Skirt_Polka Dot



A polka dot Maxi skirt: Looking for a skirt this season? Well, the little dots with the nice choice of colours can work well for the maxi design. To complete the look, you can add a pastel coloured blouse or simply take a shirt out in the floral print. The mixing of print may be risky to the mind, but the outcomes are more than good. Avoid missing on the contrast, because often the brightest colours make for the pretty summer girl.

Polka Dress

A complete polka dress: Quite something for the summer days, a polka dot dress is not just easy to the eyes but easy to carry, as well. All you need is a decent pair of matching platform heel and probably a set of stacked bracelets and handcuffs. Some like the statement necklace or a pair of sandals with the ankle strap, so the choices are much on what you think fits your bill. As for colours, pick anything dark for a leaning look with light coloured dots, or go vice versa, which allows experimenting with colours.

Polka Dot Pants

A pair of polka dot pants: Nice and often subtle to speak of, polka dotted pants create a rave quite easily. You can pair them with blouses and tees of one colour, or can even choose a floral print graphic tee. The colour isn’t much of a concern, given the fact that most shades work well in balance. Of course, green and yellow are best avoided, but who knows you can spot a shade in the odd colours that we haven’t?

The polka print doesn’t have to be conventional at all times, and even a mix of different colours works quite well in balance. Depending on what suits your body and the shades that work in combination for your style statement, the picks are to be made. The designer brands have more than a few choices that keep coming to the shelves, so keep an eye on the designs that strike you!

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