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Top Fashion Rules Worth Ditching For 2015- Part 1

There are times when we just want to shut the fashion police and do things on our own. If you have been longing for such an attitude, 2015 can well be your own year. We always talk of trends and what’s ruling things both on and off the ramp, but that’s all for the past and later. This time we bring you some killer ideas to match and get a few new rules and break the long list of do’s and don’ts that we always have to deal with. Check the style rules worth breaking in 2015.

Metal is for the night

Metal is for the night: Last spring when Lanvin came with its collection of new metal prints, everyone had been talking of how the metal print is the next big thing. However, we also had the notion that most of the items that were spotted in that collection and all other designers combined together, were meant only for the parties and the night time when things could glitter. Well, that’s a rule you can always choose to change for this year. This time, metal can come within the day dressing codes, where you can wear a tee or even a blazer with ease.

Welcome turtle neck for summers

Welcome turtle neck for summers: The turtleneck is probably is a classic design to own, and we mostly invest in the style for the winters. However, you can make the right change by opting for the turtle neck for the summer. Of course, warmth is not something you would be looking for, but there are light and easy to wear designs that can be worth a try. Pair the turtleneck top with the midi skirt or simple wear with the short shorts for a cool appeal without letting your hands tan in the summer sun.

Getting more fun with overalls

Getting more fun with overalls:  Many fashion experts have broken the myth with overalls by taking them to a new level. If you love overalls and have been willing to take the look to the streets, all that you need is a nice handbag and good pair of sandals. As an accessory, a nice pair of glares should also work just fine. This is probably one rule that even the fashion Nazis won’t mind at the first place!

Shun outwear just as layering

Shun outwear just as layering: While for the fall, comfort is the key and we intend to use the layers to keep the comfort in place and add style at the same time. However, if you are blinded by the rule that outerwear can just mean purpose, think again in the new season. Try wearing your light trench design as a whole item for a new look. The large and big coats can just come to the aid, and the best idea is to keep the accessories to the minimum. You can consider adding a belt to keep the coat in place, while all other things can be subtle.

In the next part, we will talk of some more rules that should be on the ignore list for 2015.

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