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Top Fashion Essentials Every Girl Should Own – Part 1

Building a wardrobe is all about balancing the different essentials and experimenting with new things. While some things- like your white tee or a simple pair of blue denims- are always found in the closet, some style essentials are often ignored, mainly because no one bothers to look beyond what they call ‘basics’. Check the amazing old-school and must have fashion basic items that can change the way you experiment with looks and styles.

A nice knit sweater

A nice knit sweater: A nice well-knit sweater can make you feel better than ever before, and the good thing is you can pair this item with almost anything and can even use it as a layering piece. For the summers, the lighter knit designs are great, and you can continue wearing them even after the fall and winter snow has set in. As for the colours, go for something sober and soft, may be your baby pink or one of the pastel shades should just be the ideal choice.

A complete collection of graphic tees

A complete collection of graphic tees: Most of us love solid colours and shades, graphic tees have their own cool quotient. You don’t need to spend a fortune in making your own collection, which will work under layers for the winter and fall while for the summers, you can go ahead and have fun with denims, cargo pants and shorts. Graphic tees are available in endless designs, and if you are tired of one item, you can simply change and swap with your best girlies.

A pair of stylish Brogues

A pair of stylish Brogues: If you don’t own a pair of flat Brogues, you haven’t tried one of the best semi-formal ways of using style to the best potential. Brogues are great in terms of design because when you wear them with your pant suits to the workplace, the look is very strict and formal. On the other hand, these shoes can work with shorts and Capri pants with the same ease and bring the fun element in any look. Getting edgier with your look doesn’t get better than this.

A pair of relaxed denims

A pair of relaxed denims: Alright, we all love the skinny denim that always add value to the figure and highlights the right curves. However, if you have checked some of the designer collections and styles sported by various celebs at the airport, you must have seen the roomy denim coming to the forte. Relaxed denims are always fun and let you breathe while looking effortlessly stylish. At the end of the day, you don’t always to sake your comfort for fashion choices.

A handbag with top handle

A handbag with top handle: Handbags have gone many transformations in the last few seasons, but the old style handbag with a handle on the top is surely a fashion favourite by all means. You can take such bags to the office or use the long chain or string to get the casual girl look when you want- the idea works both ways in formal and informal occasions.

Check part 2 for more fashion essentials you need!

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