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Top Dress Trends for the Prom Night

Prom nights are special, and most girls spend hours thinking what they should wear to the night, so that their looks stand out. Here are top dresses and trends that you must try for the prom for adding variance, layers and style.


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  • Laced dresses: Fashion experts have often named lace as feminine, stylish and extremely classy. For the prom night, all you need to dazzle is a lace dress, which you can choose in a single color or dual. While black, red or any other single block color is always a decent choice for a single color dress, it is best to choose two striking contrasting colors for the dual shade. Black and white always looks classy and regal.
Peplum Dress

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  • Peplum dresses: For some time now, peplum dresses have made a mark in the fashion world and no matter whether you are lean or not, this is a style for everyone. Peplum shifts the entire focus and attention to the upper portion of the body, so you don’t necessarily need to choose something too long. Even short and chic peplum dresses look excellent for the prom.
Cut-out dress

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  • Cutout dresses: If showing your curves is your forte, don’t wonder much because cutout dresses are there for making things easy. Such dresses come with unique cuts along the body line and can make any woman look glamorous. The only problem here is the body shape because cutout dresses don’t look good on women on the plus side.

    Sequined Dress

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  • Sequined dresses: Sequined dresses are essentially designed for parties, but for prom nights, you need to choose the dress a little more smartly. Look for dresses that have the bust portion in sequin or have a complete mid section in that style. Complete sequin dresses need to be chosen with care, but even that style can look prom-perfect.
Chiffon dress

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  • Chiffon dresses: Free flowing chiffon is one fabric that is synonymous with style and elegance, and when you choose chiffon dresses, you demand attention. There are plenty of styles around, but what you need to choose is something that accentuates the value of the fabric and takes cues from the free-flowing attitude.
One shoulder dress

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  • One shoulder dresses: Over the years, there are many celebrities who have adored one shoulder dresses, and such dresses often look excellent for the prom night. You need to look for something that is extremely girly and works wonders in terms of fabric and cuts. There are many other asymmetrical cuts available in the market, and these well cut dresses are simplest ways to get some attention to the curves.

Prom dresses are essentially loud at times, but the whole idea is to be as much womanly as possible. It is best to stick to block colors, because prints don’t really jell well with such events. Woman on the plus side might need to ensure the decent amount of fabric covering to ensure the surplus flab isn’t visible. Check the above trends and make a choice without bothering much about who is wearing what!


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