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Top Denim Trends for the Fall 2013 Revealed

Fashion and denims go hand in hand, and it is always exciting to see the kind of trends that the designers and brands bring us every season in denims. No matter how frequently you get the chance to get casual, there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of cool denims. Here are the best denim trends for the fall of 2013.

Dark Skinny

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  • The dark super skinny look: If you love fashion trends, you will love the dark skinny look in denims for the season. While the skinny look seems to be the flavour of the market for the last few years, the dark colours are making comeback for the season. Get started with pair from Tory Burch or your own brand. However, make sure that you are going to the gym often because even a little extra around the legs and waist can ruin the look.


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  • Metallic denims: Certainly among the most unique trends of the season, the skinny jeans now comes in gold, copper and silver finish for an upscale metallic look. This is certainly not for the faint hearted, and you have to be choosy about where you pick to wear such designs. The brands that seemed to focus on this trend include AG Adriano, True Religion and 7 For All Mankind.

    Distressed skinny jeans

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  • Distressed skinny jeans: Torn and rugged, just like the way men wear it, the distressed skinny jeans are an action for fall 2013. This is a trend that works best when you want to show that you don’t care for the rules but carry the attitude forward. There are numerous brands that you can check for look, and rest assured, this is going to be vogue for next few seasons.

    Cropped Jeans

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  • Cropped denims above ankle: Get in between the small shorts in denims and full on skinny options with the cropped denims for the season that come with a lot of vibe. Cut around just above the ankle, this is one of fresh changes in the styling after a long time. While the skinny look is in even for the cropped ones, but you can even look for little design or flaring for attracting attention.


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  • Denim jackets: Another trend for the season is the use of denim jackets. From the simple detailed ones to more effective designs, there are ample choices. What you need to bother is how you use the jackets for the fall. If you love the white shirt or have a cool dress, there is nothing like it.

    Embellished Denim

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  • Embellished denims: This is another surprise of the season because we are not used to be embellishments with denims. However, brands like Current/Elliott and 7 For All Mankind have something else to say. From rhinestones to the use of lace and other detailing, this can be one of the trends that can be open to many interpretations. If you are someone who likes things edgy, this is the pick of the season.

Get started with these denim trends, and you will find more than a few ways to experiment.

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