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Top Clothing Ideas to Avoid For Your First Date!

We have done quite a few posts on what you should pick for a new fashion season and how you can get the best out of the seasonal trends. What we haven’t done is a series of posts on what every girl should be wearing on special occasions. In this first post, we will be talking of your first date, and instead of focusing on the things you should wear, here’s a list of ideas that you should definitely avoid. Take your cues and turn your first date into something special.

First Date Clothing Ideas

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Do not overdress: Now that’s the mistake that most girls would make for a date. Your first date will be more about moments than anything else, so overdressing is something you should avoid. Understand the location that you will meet your guy and that will help you choose. So, when you are heading for a coffee shop for a casual date, it makes sense to keep it limited to a nice girly dress. As for the special planned first date, like a candle light dinner, you can pick something more luxurious! The idea is to be place appropriate.

Don’t reveal too much: Dressing for your first date can be overwhelming! After all, we all have those nervous times thinking how the first impression will turn out for the other person. What you can certainly do is avoid revealing too much. Steer clear of dresses with low front cuts or skirts/dresses that are too short. First dates are all about being cute to each other, so you would want him to focus on your face rather than your body. The dress or outfit should be casual and yet with an appeal, but don’t go overboard with skin show.

Don’t try a new trend: If you have been fascinated by a trend that you spotted for the fall or spring, please don’t try that for the first date. Keep in mind that trends are just indicators of what’s ruling the runways, but it doesn’t always translate the same way for everyone. It can be quite a bit of risk to try something totally new for the first date. Yes, you may say that being predictable is boring, but then, there’s nothing better than being safe. The idea is to wear something that you are comfortable with and keep it easy for the entire day.

Don’t be obsessed with black and white: Strange enough, most girls don’t choose any other colour, except for black and white. Undoubtedly, these are safe colours for sure, but then shades of pastel and other soft toned colours can be equally pleasing. Make a point to choose what suits your skin tone, instead of being obsessed with black. A pretty dress in pink or a colour coordinated ensemble of a skirt and top can be equally flattering. Just check and make a choice that works for the place and mood of the occasion.

Hope you have your list of don’ts for the first date! Make your first date more special by avoiding these!

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