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Top Accessory Rules That Can Make A Look!

Accessories can pump up any look to say the least, and most fashionistas know that having a collection is more like a must. Blending precious jewellery with your imitation collections needs some understanding of the fashion norms. After all, you must have spotted girls who have either overdone the accessories or have completely ignored it. Here are the top accessory rules worth following every time you dress for catching the glimpses.

Know your style

Know your style: Some girls look great in dangler earrings, while some can transport you to a new world with the ways they wear neckpieces. The idea is to understand what works for your face and hair, and this is especially important when are focused on earrings. Earrings should be chosen in line with the hairstyle and the dress you choose, so balancing is very imperative to finding a style that works for you as a safe bet.

Know your style

Less is more: That’s the fashion rule that every girl should follow like religion. Even in the most experimental times of fashion, fashion designers have focused on one accessory for their runway shows instead of using too many things. In short, if you are wearing a bracelet that’s bright and peppy, avoid everything else. The idea is to let one thing get all the focus, which only betters your style quotient.

Appreciate where to wear statement jewellery

Appreciate where to wear statement jewellery: Statement jewellery, which refers to the attention grabbing pieces, isn’t always expensive, and you can buy one at any point of time as per your liking. What needs more caution is the way you blend statement jewellery with your clothing choices. Large and dramatic jewellery is best worn with simple and minimal clothes, because that’s when you can avoid the clash between two or more elements of the look.

Avoid missing on the finger rings

Avoid missing on the finger rings: Rings are known to create the ultimate style statement, and if you have followed the runway trends in the last few seasons, you must have spotted those amazing layered rings that have been used in many collections. Rings have two aspects about them. Firstly, you don’t always need to go for expensive materials, and secondly, there is always the option of doing something extra and yet maintain the charm with rest of the clothing choices. If you are not fond of layered rings, don’t worry because the statement pieces are equally bright.

Fun with the bracelets

Fun with the bracelets: Just like rings, bracelets are also a big way to catch on attention. What you need is a statement thing, and the best part is you find stuff even in the flea market or local mall at through away prices. The other aspects that need understanding is how you want to wear the bracelet. For some of the casual looks, the contrast choices always works wonders, while for the rest, you can uncaringly try the ‘match and safe’ bet.

Accessories should be about how you interpret the items, and therefore these rules are more like what you should be following. Take a breath and get started!

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