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Top 5 Ideas to Create the Perfect Wardrobe for Work!

Finding the perfect 9 to 5 outfit in your wardrobe can be such a tedious task, but if you group all your workwear together in one section of your closet, you will not only save time while dressing up, but this will also be useful in picking out every day’s outfits. We suggest you invest your time a little more to balance out your wardrobe and make it look office friendly. Since we know a lot about work attire, we are here to help you create the ultimate workwear wardrobe!
Stick to your style
Stick to your style: Dressing up for your job doesn’t mean you have to rule out your personal style statement. You picked these outfits because they make you extremely comfortable and comfort comes first. The trick is to add a touch of uniqueness and professionalism into your attire to bring the entire look together. Stay in your comfort zone but make it professional! If you like wearing plain white shirt with formal pants, add a blazer to the outfit, or you can go with a floral skirt and your comfy shirt.
Get to businessGet to business: Like they say, “dress for the job you want” – this is nothing but true! If you want to look business chic, you must put together some sleek dresses aside. Business meetings with big corporate clients are important, and you cannot just show up wearing chunky jewellery. Go for the classic business woman attire! A light or dark-hued dress that is made with breathable fabric. You don’t want your dress to crease too much once you get up from that chair after a long meeting, right? Make sure that 40% of your wardrobe has such dresses. Also, always keep a matching or contrast blazer in hand. You never know when you might need it.
Layers and AccessoriesLayers and Accessories: Sometimes an additional accessory can make a large different to the attire. Accumulate items like blazer, neckpieces, belts, purses and shoes to one side as these are going to be your layering pieces. 20% of your wardrobe should have professional layering and accessory pieces! There are countless occasions when you might need a little help from one of these items.

Cocktail time Cocktail time! – Obviously, you will be going for a big cocktail and office parties! You need to make sure your wardrobe has 20% of office party appropriate dresses. If you are not good with pairing things up, just stick to a basic dress and few accessories. Also, don’t go skimpy at all! Go for long gowns if it is a big event or a professional maxi dress, and if it happens to be a casual office party, you can go with jumpsuits!

The colour scheme The colour scheme – Yes, we know you love bright colours, but that doesn’t always work for the office. You need to stick to basics like white, black, navy blue, grey and sometimes add in a little pastel to the mix. Keep your workwear wardrobe strictly about few of these colours, and it will help you a lot.

These 5 pro tips will help you create the most incredible workwear closet!

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