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Top 4 List of Expensive Fashion Labels For Handbags

Women can never be satisfied with their collections of handbags and jewellery, and that’s one of the many reasons why fashion labels of handbags make such huge money. While some brands charge you at a very no nominal price, there are others that are considered the epitomes of fashion and have handbags that start at as high as $1000. In this post, we look at some of the coveted fashion houses that make the most expensive handbags of the world.

Hermes Handbag

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Hermes: Undoubtedly, Hermes is one of the must have handbags brands on list of every woman. Often a symbol of wealth and status, the brand makes some amazing designs, with many of the products made from crocodile leather. Every year, the brand comes with its own series, and each one is as special as the other. Using diamonds, gold and studs for most designs and combining them with the best of materials, this popular brand has surely come a long way.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

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Louis Vuitton: This is one brand that’s synonymous with elegance and high street fashion. This French brand has a history that dates back to centuries, and each year, there are more surprises on store. Don’t be surprised to know that Louis Vuitton holds the top and most sought spot in the list of luxury handbags for many because there is something for everyone here. Over the years, they have been counted among the most valuable brands of the world, and the designers know the pulse of the elite because not many can afford these timeless pieces.

Chanel tote

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Chanel: When it comes to classy and everlasting fashion in handbags, there is no way that you can skip Chanel from the list. Known to be the favourite of celebs and seen at most of the special events, this brand was launched by Coco Chanel in 1909. There are all kinds of handbags that you would find with this brand, but the totes are quite easy to the pocket.  However, there are tote bags that can cost more than a million dollars and are made of best available crocodile leather studded with diamonds, gold and what not.

Fendi Handbags

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Fendi: One of the power fashion brands from Italy, Fendi is a brand that was established in 1925, and ever since, it has remained in the limelight in the fashion world. They too design almost all kinds of bags, including materials like lambskin and crocodile leather, and many of the designs can cost you more than $20000 at the base range. The brand was once famous and even now known for making handbags of lush deer skin and roman calf, which is counted as the most expensive choice in animal skin. Obviously, one cannot be astonished to find that many of the celebs actually like to take the brand for most red carpet events and premieres.

If any of these brands interest you, make sure you start saving money from now on, because even the cheapest one remains out of reach and it’s only worthy when you get one from the authentic outlets and stores.

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