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Top 10 Style Secrets Every Woman Must Know!

While there are few women, who look flawlessly stylish in whatever they carry, there are others, who keep wondering how! Everyone wants to appear gorgeous and trendy just like the fashion girl, but not everyone knows the style secrets she follows. We are here with a few style secrets, which will bury your inferiority complex forever!

Start with the basics

Start with the basics – The girl you just found to be a fashionista isn’t any different from you, she just knows how to rock her look. If you want to look stylish, start with skinny pants, t-shirts and classy pair of pumps.

Style your jacket

Style your jacket – Your outerwear by default appears much more stylish when you leave it unkempt. Don’t wear your jacket on your arms; simply leave it loose on your shoulders. It will not make you look disorganized, it is fashion.

Roll up the sleeves

Roll up the sleeves – This simple trick can actually pull in so many compliments. Rolled sleeves feel much stylish. However, you need to keep in mind the type of shirt you have worn and the occasion.

Experiment with prints

Experiment with prints – If you thought a combination of polka dots and floral would turn eyes at you for the wrong reasons, you are wrong. You can expect a lot of envious eyes on you with a mix match of prints. If you are still at amateur at trying out printed combinations, we suggest you start with wearing prints of the same colour and then move over to the next step!

Welcome new trends

Welcome new trends – Every time you come across a new trend in print or on TV, give it a try. Do not try all of those at once, unless you want to end up looking like a fashion disaster. You can always try them one by one.

Go funky

Go funky – Wear boyfriend jeans. And pair them with any classy upper garment and a pair of heels. This casual look rocks, when wore with ease.

Maintain uniformity

Maintain uniformity – Sometimes, you need to differentiate between what is meant for you and what is not. Not all trends will suit you. Unless you know what works for you, it is unlikely you will get it right.

Add layers

Add layers – Layering can make you look a step beyond the others. Get as creative as you can with the layers. Over your casual t-shirt, try layering with a crop top or a tube top.  A lot of fabulous comments and envious eyes are guaranteed!

Striped shirts, the ultimate style quotient

Striped shirts, the ultimate style quotient – We all are aware of the stylish fact that the striped shirts can be paired with nearly anything and everything. Easy to style, they are perennially in trend.

Comfort matters

Comfort matters – Trends keep coming and going. But to truly feel stylish, you first need to feel comfortable. Fashion begins with comfort, and unless you feel confident in what you are wearing, you can never feel stylish.

There is a hidden fashionista in each of you. A bit of confidence and a few style tricks are all you need to stand out from the crowd!

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