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Timeless Accessories That Deserve Your Money Now!

After doing two posts on what’s trending in accessories for fall 2015, we look ahead to some more things on accessories. What do you consider a timeless investment in fashion? Well, most women may have their own take, but yes, there are a few things that may need more style to your look every single time. Check these accessories that may need a designer name, especially when you are in the mood to splurge and get better than the street market designs in general.

A Roomy Tote

A Roomy Tote: A designer roomy tote is a must have by all means. This kind of handbag lets you store it all, and at the same time, there is a classic appeal to it, which surely allows you to carry it to work and everywhere else. For the colour, you can go easy and sober with olive green, black, brown and gray, or if you want every look to have a pop of colour, there are some great choices in neon shades. Check online on the best handbag stores and you can expect to get good choices. Avoid leather as far as you can as the faux options are equally good.

The big clutch

The big clutch: Every girl should own that one clutch that comes with the space for keeping the basic makeup stuff, tablet and the keys. The large clutch can be an essential item for any look, and you can carry one all the time, all through the day. For the busy fashionista, who is always running from one end to another, this is just a perfect thing to have, and you can invest in a good brand, because this accessory never goes out of the market ever. You can always buy new styles, but keep a basic one to carry everything with you, everywhere!

Classic pair of aviators

Classic pair of aviators: Who doesn’t like aviators, and there are great designs that you can buy from the market, of course, without spending a fortune. Make sure that you check for the right designs, and if you have power, get a pair of power sunglasses made to suit your needs. Aviators have been in the fashion circles for the longest time, and there is always something new that you can get in terms of frame colour and glasses.

A nice menswear like watch

A nice menswear like watch: That’s an item that needs kudos of attitude for anyone to get the right style. Let’s start by saying that the menswear watch is not the oversized thing we all talk about. Instead, this is a fun style, where you go clean with the features, have a size that fits the wrist and go for right colours and design, which ensure that you can wear it practically anywhere you go. Watches are best chosen from a good brand, so make sure that you get the right style from a brand you can rely on.

Do you own these accessories as yet? It might just be the time when you want to spend a tad extra on these items!

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