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“Tight” Fitting Garments May Appear Chic Too

Were you aware that you could make a fashion statement with something as simple as a pair of tights or leotards? No, you weren’t. Thus far, you have only viewed them as close-fitting apparel to keep your legs warm in freezing weather. Well, it is high time that you looked at “tights” with new eyes.

Black tights

Just look at the cute woman in the picture above. She does cut a charming figure with her short black dress. Obviously, it is a seasonal dress, for the collar encircles her neck lovingly, and the sleeves cover the entire hands. The lacy white yoke and cuffs only serve to enhance the attraction of the simple style. Now, close your eyes and imagine her without the accessories. Ugh, you do not like the picture, do you? It conveys the impression of someone very ordinary. However, the minute you cover her bare legs with those wonderfully sheer, black stockings, place the high-heeled shoes on her feet and give her a handbag, the transformation is dramatic. This outfit is an epitome of chic simplicity. Substitute your face and figure for the model in the picture, and imagine how you will look.

Black tights

The person in the picture above is YOU. You are hiding a short, printed dress under your pleasantly hued coat, as evinced by the hem peeping out from underneath it. Your handbag seems to match the colour of the beanie on your head. You do not seem to be going to any formal function, for your footwear comprises of high-heeled pumps; many people wear them daily. Nevertheless, an ordinary outfit is able to change into an extraordinary outfit, merely via the addition of one simple bit of clothing. This addition refers to well-knit, blue stockings. Ask yourself; don’t your legs look gracefully elegant? The footwear matches the tights perfectly.

Black tights

Sometimes, even the most casual of clothes can look wonderfully trendy and fashionable. Denim mini-skirts and full-sleeved cashmere knit tops are nothing new in contemporary times. Even the mix-and-match of colours is common, for blue and cream go well together. Fine, but have you ever dreamt of wearing sheer, black, pointelle tights under the denim skirt? Since you haven’t, try out this novel combination now. Do not spoil the effect of the stockings with ordinary sandals or high-heeled pumps. Your legs will look great in ankle-length booties. A casual hairstyle, dark sunglasses and a strapless purse serve to complete the devil-may-care look.

Black tights_4

Tights need not be sheer or see-through all the time; even thick ones can complement your legs marvellously well. Just like the model in the image above, you may don bold colours and look like a tourist indulging in a casual outing. Nevertheless, the heavy black stockings ensure that you look calm, poised and mightily pleased with life. Similarly, you can team a shirtdress, parka and thick stockings. You will look, cosy, comfortable and stylish.

True, tights are generally made from knitted yarn or nylon, materials meant for protection and nothing more. Yet, they can make people notice you.

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