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Three Ravishing Nicole Kidman Looks at Cannes Film Festival 2012

Three Ravishing Nicole Kidman Looks at Cannes Film Festival 2012

Cannes Film Festival has been known for the red carpet, and the fashion statements that the top celebs showcase on this giant platform. Every year, our celebs showcase their style quotients at varied occasions. Nicole Kidman is one such celebrity who has always been admired and looked upon for the style and elegance she shows with every appearance. Here’s a quick take at three brief appearances of Australian actress Nicole Kidman at Cannes Film Festival, 2012.

Nicole Kidman at Cannes festival

The Red Look: The first look of Nicole Kidman that’s worth mentioning is her one piece dress designed by Antonio Berardi. The bold red color seemed to flatter Kidman’s style and persona. If you are a fashion expert, you will find this below-the-knee dress to be repetitive, but hold on! The red color seems to be a total loud statement that red hot is the color of the season. Kidman was seen wearing black heels, and she let her hair flow with soft curls. With the red lipstick in place and an excellent pair of shimmer earrings, she seemed to maintain the gold and red look quite sensuously.

The complete gown look: Magnificent is one word that can best describe Kidman in her Lanvin outfit. Everything about the outfit was gorgeous. Check the smart and light blush color with the cut of the gown, and you will find a lady who manages to carry each look with equal ease. The back of the dress was a delight to watch with no fussy strings and threads. The neat and well crafted front portion of the gown looked faultless, and the long gown showed glimpses of the Kidman’s legs without revealing the basics. She kept the look in tune with matching makeup, although you can complain about her choice of earrings.























The shimmer look: If you thought the blush color gown was the best outfit adored by Kidman, take a look at the Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 outfit sported by this talented lady. The gown is inspired from the thirties, and Kidman totally dazzled at the screen show. The beaded black outfit looked charming on this Australian actress who seemed to know that she is at her best. What worked perfectly for the outfit was her choice of hairdo. She maintained her curled hair look that was done with well used brooches in diamond. Her look truly represents her style and glam quotient, and given a choice between her other gown look, one is bound to say that she looked much more ravishing in her shimmer appearance. Everything was just in place for Kidman’s Ralph Lauren gown. Her makeup was in proportion, and as always, her golden smile is added accessory.

Nicole Kidman was also seen in a check below-the–knee dress at Cannes, and she seemed to be at total comfort. With hoop earrings and soft hair curls, she managed to impress the fashion police with her choice of dress and styling. Undoubtedly, she is one actress that you can wait to see on the red carpet of Cannes every season.


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