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The Worthy Trends for Spring Summer 2014 – Try Something New

We have covered a lot of the spring summer 2014 trends, but there are always a few trends that make more noise, both on and off the runways. In this particular post, we would talk of some unique trends, those that are worth a check and new for the block or the season. It’s time to find the best things from the various shows.

More of the shimmer

More of the shimmer: The metallic look has been in vogue for quite some time, but the blend of the trend for this spring has been worth a look. Check the collections of Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip, and you would know what we mean. There are no rules this time, but there’s everything from the golden haze to the metallic blue. We love the colours that came to the forefront, in the form of complete dresses, overcoats and what not!

Dare to bare

Dare to bare: The sheath look, which is about having a heavy fabric below with more net like material on the top, is quite a dare for the season. The looks in the casual mode were seen at Elizabeth & James while if you can check the Vera Wang design, there is a lot more experimentation. Quite obvious, this is not something meant for everyone out there, but if you have the guts, this can be your trend for the season.

All in white

All in white: A completely white ensemble for the spring can sound quite boring, but that’s certainly not the case. Look for the Rachel Zoe Collection, and you would find the white blouse back in action. The same was seen at some other designers, and for the shoes, white and black have been the biggest surprise colours of the season. Choose white blouses with some necktie detailing and pair it with a skirt for that perfect formal look!

Uniquely combined suits

Uniquely combined suits: The formal lady at work is ready for the biggest change! Yes, this season, we have some amazing combinations of colours and prints for the ladies in the formal style. The new rule was seen at the collection of Ralph Lauren, but there were others like L’Wren Scott, who experimented more with contrasting belts and lot more. Depending on what suits you, pick the right suit for the season.

Play with pastels

Play with pastels: The spring floral prints are often too boring, and we have talked about their ‘beaten to death’ looks in the last few years. This season, the experts tell you embrace the palette of pastels. Starting from the rose pink to lavender and blushing blue, there are more colour choices now than ever before. The pastels are best chosen in block shades because you get to experiment a lot without taking on major chances.

If you are shopping right now, you know what to look for! The spring summer choices have never been so much interesting and happening, because the jinx of colours has made way more interesting choice. Get started with spring, like right now with ease!

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