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The Worthy Spring 2015 Trends Worth Grabbing Now- Part 2

So, we have officially started off the spring trends with things that you can pick right now and get going. Now, we will take a look at the next range of trends, which again should bring some more choices. Spring trends for clothing and accessories for spring 2015 have been quite effective and unique for the fact that the designers chose comfort and simplicity over too much of detailing. If you love spring, you will fall for these trends right away.

The cool range of pendants

The cool range of pendants: We are likely to do one complete post on how you should be wearing pendants this season, mainly because we haven’t covered much of the designs. We will talk of the retro next, but the pendants are seriously the first thing to pick for the season. From being contemporary to tribal designs, the designs were seen everywhere. Among the names, Celine did with some real simple pendants, but there were other styles that were spotted at Derek Lam, Edun and Armani.

How to wear The new age pendants works extremely well with almost any outer wear. You can find something for every coat and tunic. As for the formal looks, go for simple one colour designs in threads and chains.

The love for 70s

The love for 70s: The glamorous love of 70s outfits was all over the place when the spring 2015 collections were introduced. There was no complaining because everyone seemed to be bored with the 90s and wanted to have trends and outfits that are more fun. Among the designers that you can check include Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Topshop Unique and House of Holland. The designers also played a lot with suede, and we also loved the way the fringe designs came to the forefront.

How to wear: Go for mid rise pants, fringe inspired outfits and suede one piece items. These are things that all will be wearing for days ahead, and you can include the pendant pieces, as well. Try to keep the details simple and avoid clashing too many retro items together for a neat appeal.

Fun with asymmetrical looks

Fun with asymmetrical looks: If you have checked the collections for Paris Spring Summer 2015 shows, you might have found a lot of asymmetrical looks that were used for necklines and also for the regular hemlines. The designers that you would want to refer this season for the asymmetrical designs include Maison Martin Margiela and Valentino. The trend was limited to some shows, but we are sure that you will find some ideas in the designers mentioned above.

How to wear: Go for the tops, tunics and dresses that come with asymmetrical hemlines. Since the winter is still on, you can wear the tights and leggings for now, and get solo with the same dresses and tunics once the summer heat sets in.

We hope you have done your shopping, and if not, these trends should guide you on what to buy. Check a few online stores right now for some ideas.

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