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The Worst Dressed Celebs at Oscars 2016

Every year at all major award functions and events, there are a few misses and some worthy hits. Some celebs stun us with their choices while others are often on the fence or just lose their great look at the red carpet. With all due respect, let’s just rewind Oscars 2016 to find the ladies who could have done better.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior: When it comes to hair and makeup, it is hard to beat Jennifer Lawrence. While she was bang-on in those two categories, her Dior outfit wasn’t really her best choice ever. The dress was a mix of lace and ruffles, which honestly didn’t flatter her in the right ways. Chest down, the dress didn’t do any good to her amazing curves, and that’s a missed chance for an event as big as the Oscars.

Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren

Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren: Kate Winslet is a sweetheart and her smile is just enough to make anyone swoon over her, but this time, it was a major miss at Oscars. The strapless Ralph Lauren was anything but flattering, and the sheen look didn’t work either. We have talked in the last post how some celebs have rocked the sequins even with limited efforts, but Winslet’s gown was a pretty mess.

Heidi Klum in Marchesa

Heidi Klum in Marchesa: Heidi Klum, who is often a vision for eyes, opted for lavender coloured Marchesa gown that just didn’t work at all. While the colour is surely a great choice, nothing about that outfit is worth mentioning. The one-shoulder dress had a puffed sleeve, and those floral elements were completely out of place. With a more subtle choice of cut-outs and limited elements, this colour could have been a big hit.

Kerry Washington in Versace

Kerry Washington in Versace: For most other award functions, you choose to go experimental, but when it comes to Oscars, most ladies would love to go classic. Firstly, kudos to Kerry Washington for trying to change the game! She chose this corset inspired outfit from Versace, which didn’t probably show off as expected. While the high slit was a good idea and the dress did look good waist down, the rest was a big mess, leaving no room to rectify it with makeup, hair or anything else.

Reese Witherspoon in Oscar de la Renta

Reese Witherspoon in Oscar de la Renta: Another lady who could have done so better! Reese Witherspoon opted for an Oscar de la Renta, which was simple but pretty boring too. The colour was really good, but then the outfit itself didn’t have much to offer. She did try hard to balance the colour with minimal jewellery and simple straight hair, but this wasn’t one of the looks that could get fashion lovers excited. There was this little ruffle detail on the back, and her corset was showing off in no-so-inspiring way, making it messier.

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed putting it up for you. In our next post, we get back to trends and continue our ideas with London Fashion Week. Come back for more soon!

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