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The Worst Dressed Celebs at 86th Academy Awards!

In our last post, we did talk of the ladies who made fashion headlines at the 86th Academy Awards, but this time, it’s take on the celebs who just missed the red carpet glamour for their own choices. If you are someone who looks up to the celebs and their fashion statements, make sure that you check the mistakes and learn from them.

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli in Unknown: While we don’t know who designed the cobalt pants and the tunic for Liza Minnelli, but certainly this was one of the worst looks of red carpet this year. Although, she did manage to surprise the fashion police with her matching blue highlights, but the dress is too gross to take her anywhere. Wonder, what made her wear that!

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts in Givenchy Haute Couture: A consistent stunner at the red carpet, Roberts missed it as the Oscars this time as the Givenchy Haute Couture lace gown was way too much. While we love the way it wraps her on the chest, the dress looked too much in the lower side with all those pleats.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick in Unknown: Another dress that had too many things but did nothing to help the pretty lady look ravishing. Fashion experts thought there were multiple trends working on the same dress, which certainly messed things up. While there was that high thigh slit and some mesh clothing out there, but what was the need to include layers, sequins and all of the other things. Sometimes, too much of fashion can be an overdose to the eyes for sure!

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway in Gucci: We love Anne Hathaway and the way she styles up for every big event of the year, but for 86th Academy Awards, she probably missed something. The Gucci gown with the unique chest detailing didn’t work at all, and the overall look seemed to be too overwhelming to get any praise. As always, that stunning smile did make up for the loss to some extent.

Sally Hawkins

Sally Hawkins in Unknown: Always a lovely smile, but this time Sally Hawkins missed the red carpet hot look by a beat. The complete cover up gown was way too much, and a little element could have done the trick. A thigh high slit or a more plunging neckline could have been good options, and to add to the woes, the unique beige like colour of the gown seemed to totally take away the shine from her fair skin.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington in Jason Wu: As designer Jason Wu made his Oscar debut, we certainly wanted some more than what mom-to-be Kerry Washington looked like. Although the dresses weren’t imperfect, but there was something in those wrinkles or the overall fit that made us wonder whether celebs should care more while wearing popular designers.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Valli: This particular Giambattista Valli just didn’t seem to work on the actress, who otherwise always manages to pull a surprise. The shoulder wrap was too much of an addition, but to give credit where it’s due, the gown colour was quite pretty. While one cannot say this is totally wrong, but Cruz has the potential to certainly look better and glamorous than this.

Guess even celebs can miss things often!

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